All Things Green and Loch Ness-ey

Well…it’s official!  I’m finally planning my trip to Scotland/Ireland and I am freaking out just a bit.  Freaking out = so happy I can hardly handle it!! I’ve sweet talked two of my dear friends into joining my excursion across the ocean — Jamie and Tyler.  Jamie is the perfect laid back travel buddy plus my BFF and Tyler is a blast to be around and a gifted photographer.  Win, win, double win.

{We Heart It}

{We Heart It}

From what I’ve seen and heard, Ireland is positively dreamy.  Not to mention that the accents make me melt.  Ohmuhgawsh.  Plus, there are castles everywhere!! There’s nothing this little blonde Texan wants to do more than run around taking photos of castles.  Meow.

{We Heart It}

And Scotland? Yes please.  It’s beyond gorgeous and I cannot wait to explore.  We’re set on the first of May.  Now the planning begins.  Have you ever been? If so, I’d love to hear about your trip and also what to see and do.  I-can’t-wait.

{We Heart It}

I may go home and make these cupcakes to celebrate.  Now…to brush up on my accent.  This is going to be good.


16 Responses to “All Things Green and Loch Ness-ey”

  1. ~ calista ~ Says:

    You will have such fun! Scotland is a beautiful country and the people are wonderful. You will come home changed. I can’t wait to see how your trip unfolds :-}

  2. Rebecca Says:

    How much fun! Have a great trip. And if you do make those super-cute Lochness cupcakes, please provide photos!

  3. maria Says:

    That looks gorgeous, and you will have SO MUCH FUN. i went to europe and enjoyed every second of it, bring a nice camera and don’t get overwhelmed, you will have the time of your life! oh yeah, and let me come

  4. Tiffany Says:

    I am so excited for you! 🙂

  5. Laura Wynn Says:

    GAH! SO COOL! Man, you are going to have such a blast!

  6. thoughtsappear Says:

    What a cool trip to take! Please send me those cupcakes!

  7. Says:

    I am going to Ireland the first week of March. My friend
    and I are only going for 6 days. Yesterday we planned our
    itinerary…Dublin, Galway and Cork. It’s my first time out of the
    country besides Mexico. Can’t wait!

  8. Denielle Hoover Says:

    My aunt just went to Ireland in November, I’ll have to ask her of places to go while you’re there…so jealous, def. on my bucket list!

  9. Chad Says:

    Hit up Edinburgh and stay on the Royal Mile. It’s sursly like stepping back in time.
    Find a random castle in a field somewhere, stop on the side of the road and go explore. The people don’t mind.

    I’m insanely jealous.

  10. Megan Says:

    Ireland is amazing! You have to go to clifs of moher. they are life changing beautiful and when you see the sign that says do no go pas thins sign…GO PAST! the sights get even better. I spent 3 weeks there and i fell in love with the country.

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