First Snow of 2011

I woke up today and sat down to listen to a podcast from my church. It was too cold and rainy to leave my cozy apartment.  About an hour later Chrissy texted me saying: “It’s SNOWING!!!!”  So she ran over and we went outside to see the flurries.  Sure enough…it really was the first snow of the Texas winter.  We don’t see snow much around here so I’m incredibly happy when it pays us a little visit.  It wasn’t much but who cares? It totally counts.

{my car windshield}

{my ridiculous snow outfit – rain boots, pajama pants, a coat and a hoodie}

{first snow:: love}

I’m all cuddled up inside listening to pretty music.  Best Sunday ever.


3 Responses to “First Snow of 2011”

  1. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    Aww-some! 🙂 My mom made snow ice cream … I’m loving this snow! Bonus awesome points for your outfit, too. ha ha.

  2. ~ calista ~ Says:

    Eeeeeeeek! Snow!!!!!! Love your outfit :-}

  3. Christin Says:

    yes! id say it was the best sunday as well! i was in downtown and it all looked so beautiful coming down… my dog, of course HATED it but i do say it was rather a lovely and cozy sunday we had. happy monday!

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