Crazy Texas Weather!

Oh my!  This was me…..three days ago.

{reading a book on a blanket with my bike…in shorts}

{it was 75 degrees out}

{i didn’t even need socks!!}

And now only a few short days later!!  Boom!

{i got a snow day…happy!}

So I’m working from home today….
Still in my pajamas….
Sipping on coffee which I’ve had a bit too much already….
And happy as can be.

{i love snow days}

Wherever you are today I hope you’re warm and cozy!!


6 Responses to “Crazy Texas Weather!”

  1. Mandy Says:

    Wow – that’s a crazy temperature drop and change! The Northeast is buried, for lack of a better word. It’s way past scary at this point (though I’m thankfully home and cozy, too!). Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

  2. "Little" Momma Says:

    CUTEST pictures and blog EVER!!!

  3. Jamie M. Says:

    Crazy Texas! I love seeing snowflakes, even after living in Minnesota and Colorado. Have a wonderful snow night! 🙂

    P.S. Your blog looks nifty on my iPhone.

  4. Cheray Says:

    Oh my gosh!! What a crazy change!
    The weather turned freezing in Vancouver the day I left – so sad! I love the cold!
    Stay warm lovely x

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