Snail Mail On A Cold Day

Day 3:
Still snowed in.

Do you know what this does to a people person?  Makes you a bit crazy when you go this long with little to no human contact.  I got all dressed up just to drop my rent check off at the office.  It was closed.  I skated there in rain boots.  Seriously.  There are sheets of ice covering my entire apartment complex. 

Don’t get me wrong….I’m beyond capable of entertaining myself but after a while you start talking to your faithful coffee mug.  Anyways, after I dropped off my rent check I skated past my mailbox and found this inside….

{a thoughtful card from my sweet friend, Carli}

It made my entire day all warm and fuzzy while I was standing in 20 degrees on sheets of ice.  Funny how friendship does that.  So…when is the last time you wrote a letter just because?  It’s the simplest act but can change a person’s entire week.  You should write one….right now….to anybody…just because.  It’s so very fun.  Life is made memorable by simple pleasures – like letter writing and getting lost on purpose. 

Thanks again, Carli.  Once again you made my day. 

What a lot we lost when we stopped writing letters.  You can’t
reread a phone call.
–L. Carpenter


3 Responses to “Snail Mail On A Cold Day”

  1. ~ calista ~ Says:

    I love that quote. I am so glad someone wrote you a card and thanks for the reminder to do so. I believe I will do just that. The most difficult part is deciding who to write!

  2. Cheray Says:

    snail mail is beautiful!
    speaking of which, I owe you mega mail
    it’s all still sitting on my desk from before Christmas! eeeeps!

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