Photo Walk = New Friends

{taken with my iPhone}

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the latest social media craze that is Instagram…but it’s awesome.  Basically, it’s like twitter but with photographs and no restrictions on how many characters you can use.  I’ve been using it since Thanksgiving and have met some of the neatest people, including Carli and many others.  Lately there have been photo walks/meet ups happening all over the world with IG users living near each other.  Yesterday, I went with a friend to the Dallas IG meet up.  It was an afternoon spent with fellow picture takers and a chance to finally meet people face-to-face who I’ve been following for a while. 

**Yes, it’s safe.  Yes, we met in a public place. Yes, I took a friend with me.  No need to worry.  Always be super careful and don’t be silly in these situations.  Now, that’s enough about that.**

You would think that an afternoon spent with people who share a love of their iPhones would have looked  like this…

{the guys – taken with my iPhone//I asked them to pretend they were all on their phones instead of talking to each other.  It made me laugh.}

But it turned out to be a wonderful time taking pictures and swapping stories with eight new friends.  We met at Starbucks then headed to Dolly Python, my favorite vintage store in Dallas. 

{you know…your typical iPhone mirror shot, with a unicorn}

{my  new friend, Heather}

{ok, so maybe I was on my phone just a wee bit}

We ended the evening at Elbow Room, sharing pizza and learning more about who we were as people…not just those who had the same iPhone app.  I’m learning that humans are generally better in real life.  It was a pleasant surprise.  New friends and a story.  I liked it.


2 Responses to “Photo Walk = New Friends”

  1. Cheray Says:

    sounds like a perfect day!
    And of course, i love all the pictures 😉

  2. ~ calista ~ Says:

    That looks like a great time! You’re right, people are better in person :-}

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