When I Grow Up…

This past Tuesday, Luci Swindoll took Nicole and I out for a marvelous dinner.  Now, anybody that’s met Luci will know an evening with her is more than a person could ask for.  You’re sure to be entertained by her humor and endless stories.  However, not only did we enjoy Luci’s company but Patsy Clairmont and Marilyn Meberg also joined us. 

I think we made dinner a three hour event.  There were moments where I could physically feel my heart growing with joy.  It was a special night and I made sure I did a lot of listening to soak in all of the wisdom that was passed around the table.  

The stories of friendship, hope, laughter, faith, God, loss and memories floated around the table as we ate the most wonderful meal.  A meal that ended with three different desserts being passed around the table to share.  Now that’s my kind of dinner party.

I’m so thankful for these ladies and what they mean to me.  I always say that I can only hope to be half as cool as they are one day.  Love them to the moon and back…..five hundred times.


5 Responses to “When I Grow Up…”

  1. donna norvell Says:

    What a sweet picture Laura and what a joy for you and Nicole to spend time with such special ladies! God has given you a tremendous gift and I am very thankful He has done so. I also know that you and Nicole added much to the evening!

    Love ya lots. 🙂

  2. ~ calista ~ Says:

    I absolutely love dinner parties and friends like that {who are really family}. I love it. They are truly a treasure and a blessing!

  3. jamie Says:

    Awesome picture! THat would be an UH-MAZING evening!!!!!!! Such precious memories!!! Love ya, girlie! xo

  4. Deborah Says:

    Sounds like fun. It is always nice to have a girls night out and with special friends like that I know it had to be fun! May God bless you all!

  5. Joy Bishop Says:

    Ok, you know I’m jealous !!! You are a blessed girl, but I agree with Donna……I bet you blessed those ladies right back !
    Give J a hug for me !

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