oh shoot

If you ever see me out and about, here’s how you’ll know it’s me. 

{taken by my friend Marty}

I’m the one with the iPhone camera in the air, constantly taking photos.


11 Responses to “oh shoot”

  1. ~ calista ~ Says:

    This photo looks so sixties to me. Love it. You have a beautiful profile, my dear!

  2. Donna Norvell Says:

    Hi Laura –

    Love all of your photos. They bring a smile to my face each time as I get to enjoy a bit of your adventurous life!

    You are truly a girl after my own heart when it comes to taking pictures. I always have a camera with me and capture special moments.

    Have a wonderful day in the Lord.

    Love, hugs and prayers.

    donna 🙂 Psalm 23

  3. Victoria (Batzy) Says:

    I love the vintage look of this pic :3

  4. Tiffany Says:

    LOVE IT!!!! 🙂

  5. Laura Wynn Says:

    awww, I love this! you are so cute!
    Ps-giveaway over at my blog!

  6. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    Constantly being awesome!

  7. Lena Says:

    Beautiful picture! I love the photos on your blog. They always have a classic soft-dreamy-romantic look to them.
    I’m sure I’d be doing the same thing…if I had an iPhone, that is. 🙂

  8. Erin Tang Says:

    The 2011 Mary Tyler Moore…so cute

  9. Cheray Natalie Says:

    Such a great pic of you love 🙂
    amazing x

  10. "Little" Momma Says:

    You so pretty!

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