I’ll share…eventually.

I am seriously having the hardest time sitting down to write an Ireland/Scotland blog post!  The trip was beautiful in so many ways.  We visited gorgeous places and I took nearly 1,000 photos so there’s not a lack of things to share.  I think maybe that’s the problem.  There is so much goodness that I’m having trouble picking where to start.  Part of me wants to keep all of it to myself just a little bit longer.  Maybe then it will feel like it isn’t really over.  Silly, isn’t it?  But that’s how we are sometimes. 

Tyler took a few videos while we were exploring.  I’ll post one of those for now.  I can be a little crazy to travel with.  Crazy as in ‘oh my goodness, I’m so happy to be alive right now!!’  This was taken on the 4 hour train ride from Loch Ness to Edinburgh.  It was GORGEOUS!!


So special.  Thankfully, my friends are very patient people. *smile*

I’m headed to Austin again for another weekend with some of my favorite ladies.  Hoping to get some sunshine on my non-tan self.  Have a wonderful holiday!


One Response to “I’ll share…eventually.”

  1. Cheray Natalie Says:

    hahahaha you’re hilarious!! ❤

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