Grudges Are Stupid

{taken with my iPhone//my living room}

Tonight started out just like any other ordinary night.  I went on a run in the blazing heat, got some coffee grounds for my French press and rented an episode or two of Glee (yea, I don’t want to hear it).  Last week, I left my glasses at a friend’s house and tonight was the first time I’ve had the chance to go by and retrieve them.  On my way there, she  sent a text warning me that a certain someone was also at the house.  I’ve been holding a pretty strong grudge against this fella for about six months or so.  Why?  It doesn’t really matter.  The fact is that I’ve been doing a swell job of ignoring him for quite a while.  That is, until I saw him in person.  Yea, that does it for me.  For some reason, I’m great at ignoring from afar but when I find myself face to face with somebody?  Game over.  I’m done.  All is forgiven.  So…it is.  We chatted, apologized, asked forgiveness and moved on.  We’ll all hang out next week and the awkwardness will be far far away.  

Goodness…why in the world did I wait so long to do that?  I felt better at once!! I even realized how silly I was being.  Lesson learned:: It takes far too much energy to hold a grudge.  Plus, I’m pretty sure grudges give you wrinkles. 

Jesus knew what he was talking about when he said it’s better to forgive.  It just is.  The world is a much better place when we just get over it. 

I’m going to go watch Glee now.  Happy weekend is upon us!


2 Responses to “Grudges Are Stupid”

  1. donna norvell Says:

    Thanks for sharing your story of forgiveness, Laura. You are right on and I will share this with others if it is okay with you. There is so much bitterness in my family and it is tearing people apart. God taught me many years ago that I could be better or bitter and with God’s help I chose to be better and it is so special. I also believe forgiveness brings less wrinkles! Nobody can believe I am a great grandma and I love it!

    Have a blessed day in the Lord and enjoy your weekend. Summer is finally coming to Oregon this weekend with high 70’s and sunshine!

    Love n hugs,

    donna 🙂 Prov. 3:5-6

  2. ~ calista ~ Says:

    Ooooh. I’m going to send you an email. Right now.

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