Have you guys seen my motivation floating and twirling and running about?  If so, please return it to me as soon as you can.  She seems to have taken a trip and left me home alone to fend for myself. 

I don’t travel much during the summer and this tends to make me feel a little… off.  My mind works better when my day-planner is packed from sun up to sun down.  I feel backwards when this happens.  There are SO many things that I should be and could be doing in my down time:

–blog more (oh, like that Scotland and Ireland post!! Blast!)
–take loads of photos and learn to edit them
–sewing lessons so I can mend some unwearables
–cook yummy things I’ve never tried before…like rhubarb (did I spell that right?)
–write letters and finally send the ones sitting on my desk (whoops!!)
–pretty little crafty projects
–work out regularly
–kick caffeine to the curb (for just a month or so)
–you get the idea….

So how does one motivate themselves?  We’ll see!!  I’m hoping I can figure this out before the whirlwind of life hits again.  I miss the whirlwind already but know there is peace in the stillness.  I’ve just never been good at finding it. 

{iPhone photo// jogging trail & twilight}


4 Responses to “Motivation…”

  1. Jonathan Ivy Says:

    If you ever need some inspiration or want to just learn something new just let me know and you can tag along on any of my shoots as a ‘guest shooter’ You would make an awesome wedding photog 😉

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I would suggest finding the things that you are passionate about, and it will be much easier to stick to the plan. I know some things you must do such as exercise and eating right, but that, too, would be easier if you are doing what you enjoy. If you don’t really get enjoyment out of sewing, just find a friend that sews or take your clothes to someone that does alterations. You can get many articles of clothing altered for the price of a sewing machine. There are just so many hours in a day, and I would stick with only what REALLY brings YOU enjoyment. But then again, what do I know???

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