30 Days


Today was the start of my ’30 Days Without Coffee & Soda’ challenge. I only decided to start this yesterday so I’d say today was successful, considering I had zero planning going into it. Cold turkey, baby. Just how I like it.

My reasonings aren’t spiritual or thought provoking. More of a healthy lifestyle choice for a month. I’m curious to see if I feel more alert, have clearer skin & less jittery mornings. I’ll be 30 in a month and a half and I would like to enter that addiction free. Unless we’re talking about my addiction to pretty dresses and acoustic guitars. That isn’t going anywhere.

Just call this my adult science fair project. I might even end up with a gold medal or something. Now if I can make it through morning two. *wink

*photo taken with my iPhone


3 Responses to “30 Days”

  1. donna norvell Says:

    Hi Laura – I am proud of you and will keep you in prayer during this time and I know our Awesome God will help you break these things from your life as you seek Him.

    Have a blessed week in the Lord.

    Love n hugs 🙂 Phil. 4:13

  2. hazelboy Says:

    That’s a helluva challenge! Good luck

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