Ireland! {part 1}

Hard to believe that an entire month has passed since we were running around Europe; catching trains, hauling backpacks, climbing hills, eating  fish and chips, visiting pubs…it was magic.  It would be impossible to write out every single thing that we experienced and every single thought that went with it (plus, let’s get real, you’d be bored to tears anyway).  Here’s a quick little run through with photos and videos from our week in Ireland.  In the next post, I’ll share about Scotland.  I have to say that this was one of the best vacations ever.  Now….prepare yourself for the onslaught of videos and photos that await. 

Packed our bags and headed out for two weeks of glorious adventures in Ireland and Scotland.  Yes, this is all we brought.  Yes, I did go shopping in Ireland to buy more clothes because I ran smooth out.  *smile

Dublin, Ireland-
These were my travel buddies!  Jen and Jamie awaiting the bus at the Dublin airport.  Hostel bound!! We stayed at The Times Hostel in Dublin and it was perfect.  Cheap, within walking distance, clean, plenty of great people to meet, and quiet (sort of).  We explored, explored and explored some more.

Our first tour was at Trinity College.  It made me wish I had gone to a college in a different country.  Just splendid. 

While at Trinity College, we toured the library to see the Book of Kells.  Breathtakingly beautiful handiwork!!  It’s safe to say we were all amazed with the detail and time put into the ancient pieces.  Such care and devotion the artists put into making the Gospels come alive.  It was worth the $5 to see. 

We spent the afternoon at the Guinness Storehouse.  It truly was fascinating and HUGE!! After you got through waltzing about the six story museum, you were able to hang out in the bar waaaaay up high with a gorgeous view!

We even got a rainbow.

This brings me to the next stop on our Dublin adventure.  I’ll be honest, we had lunch at this particular place one day and I’m pretty sure that I almost died SO the thought of going back wasn’t too appealing.  But apparently, it’s one of the best places to hear live Irish music so I was sold.  Hello, Temple Bar Pub.

I walked into Temple Bar a single little American gal and walked out with a handsome English…fiance.  What?  Yep.  It’s true. 

The engagement shot.  We had witnesses.  Lots of them.

I know, I KNOW!! But I just couldn’t help myself!! He was so sweet and charming and that accent!! Ohmuhgawsh.  I couldn’t say no.  Oh, Adam.  I was one smitten little Texan as soon as I walked by and he said ‘Excuse me.  Do you know what time it is?’  An hour and a half later I was wearing a ring.  Well, it was his ring.  But seriously….it was the cutest. 

Naturally, I had to spend the next two days hanging out with him!  He was from England but his band was in Ireland touring the same week we were there.  Purrfect timing.  Ok….moving on!!! 

The next morning, around 6 am, we boarded a tour bus with a few friends we met from Italy and headed to the Cliffs of Moher and an Irish farm to hike through the hills AND feed baby lambs.  Dreams do come true other places besides Disney Land.  In case you were wondering, we went on a MacCoole Day Tour.  It was fantastic!

In the photo below, see that castle waaaaay off in the distance?  Oh my.  Gorgeous.  Moments, later I MAY have hopped a fence and I MIGHT have walked on the restricted trail with no barriers to POSSIBLY get a little closer to the cliffs.  But I’m not admitting to anything.

Sometimes, pictures can’t really do it justice so here’s  a quick video to show how amazingly wonderful the Cliffs of Moher are.  God really showed off his creativity in Ireland.

Clearly, we arrived home alive.  Before our trip to Ireland, I was warned that I would probably starve because the food was awful.  Um….I ate SO MUCH!  Fish and chips are ah-mazing!  I’ll call this video ‘Ode to Codfish and French Fries.’

So great, right?  I have to go back as soon as I’ve saved up my euros.  Ok….there’s still more.  Crazy, it is.  We ran around Ireland a couple more blissful days then boarded a plane to Edinburgh, Scotland.  I can’t go on any longer for fear that you’ve fallen asleep on your keyboard.  Hey, hey you!! The blog post is done now.  I’ll save Scotland until tomorrow.  Oh, here’s a little treat before I go.  Adam (you know, my fiance) has a music video.  Ah-mazing.  So…if you’re into cute British boys with guitars then check it out!! The cutie in the white shirt and sunglasses is mine though. *wink

**Disclaimer:  No, I’m not really engaged.  No, I’m not getting married.  Yes, he did propose.  Yes, I said yes.  No, I’m not crazy.  Maybe a little.  Yes, I still have the ring.  Yes, we’ve skyped and emailed since I’ve been home.  Every American girl needs to hear a British accent every now and again.  *smile

I had some great photographer friends along on the trip!! If you missed the blog post with a few of Tyler’s great shots you can check it out here.  His photos are waaaaay better than my iPhone shots.  Trust me.  Hopefully, there will be more of these later.  Keep your fingers crossed.


8 Responses to “Ireland! {part 1}”

  1. Tigpan Says:

    Love it! Love it! Love everything about it! and I love you! AND I didn’t get sleepy one time! ❤

  2. Stephanie Robichaux Says:

    Can I have your life?!

    I am so jealous! (in a totally healthy way).

    Looked like a fun trip for sure. Great post!


  3. ~ calista ~ Says:

    Love it!!!!!! I did not get sleepy at all while reading this {I didn’t need coffee to get through it either}. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s installation!

    Every woman needs a boy with an accent in her life at least once.

  4. Tiffany Says:

    Looks like you had such an amazing time!!
    I love the travel posts, did not get sleepy once! 🙂
    Totally can’t wait to go back to Europe someday too!
    And it looks like Ireland and Scotland are must see’s!
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  5. Cheray Natalie Says:

    Ahhhh!! Your trip looks absolutely INCREDIBLE ❤ ❤
    LOVE that you got proposed to (& said yes!), love love love all the photos and videos – you're making me want to get back out there & travel!

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