Scotland {part 2}

So here goes…the last half of vacation recap.  I left off in Dublin, Ireland.  Swoon.  I didn’t think the vacation could get any better after our Ireland adventures.  Boy, was I wrong and pleasantly surprised.  Enter Edinburgh, Scotland – the most gorgeous city I’ve ever seen…ever.

{biking through Edinburgh//photo by Tyler Gould// }

It only cost 60 pounds to fly from Ireland to Scotland.  That is fantastic.  I may have giggled a few times on the flight over, especially when they sold smokeless cigarettes for the 45 minute flight.  We quickly landed, got more cash flow and hopped on a bus towards our hostel.  I think my mouth was open the entire bus ride through town.  There’s so much beauty to see!!! I’m telling you, it’s enchanting.  We stayed at a hostel called Argyle Backpackers.  From Backpackers, it was just a quick fifteen minute walk through a gorgeous park (The Meadows) to get to The Royal Mile and the middle of town.  I quite enjoyed that part.  I LOVE walking or biking. It’s the most fun way to learn about the places you visit.  Plus, it’s a great way to walk off the meat pies and shortbread I couldn’t stay away from.

{hostel life}

{The Meadows}

The second day we were there, we hung out on The Royal Mile and visited Edinburgh Castle.  Yea sure, it’s touristy but it’s a must see.  It’s a real life castle!! Seriously?!  Every part of me that loves fairy tales was in a state of bliss as we explored the grounds.  Gorgeous views and fascinating history.  Plus, a few cannons.

{view from the castle}

{Jamie almost got arrested for this one}

We ran around town the rest of the day and had dinner with good friends from college that evening.  Shout out to Dana and her adorable mister!! Thanks for showing us around and being our tour guides!! It was lovely to see your pretty face.  Already purrfection.  Bedtime approached and the alarm was set for 6:45 am!! We were boarding a train headed for Inverness the next morning.  A four hour train ride to see Nessie herself and her home in Loch Ness.  More beauty awaits.

{view from the train}

{view from the train}

Is there anything more romantic than traveling by train?  Nope.  The correct answer is absolutely not.  I cried three times just because of how beautiful it was.  Plus, they had a snack and coffee cart!!!!  Dream world.  We arrived in Inverness and ran around trying to spot the monster.  Well, we ran around after we had lunch at a quirky bookstore cafe FILLED to the brim with old vintage books, Leakey’s Bookshop.  ::love::

{so so cool}


{Inverness// does it look cold? Well, it was!!}

{Loch Ness}

{Loch Ness}

{Tyler in the Loch Ness// photo by }

{summoning Nessie…I failed //photo by }

{Loch Ness}

A photo just can’t really do this place justice!! So, it’s time for another video.  So maybe I like the camera a little.  What can I say?

Thanks, Tyler.  He’s a smart one and always had a camera around.  We got rained on and were exhausted but it’s totally worth it to take a train and visit!!  We made it home and went to bed a bit early.  It’s vacation!! That’s what you’re supposed to do.  The next day?  Tyler and I biked around Edinburgh.  So, so fun.  It could have been a highlight of the entire trip.  We met Jamie and Jen for brunch at The Elephant House then headed out.  Oh, let me just pause to say that HARRY POTTER WAS BORN AT THE ELEPHANT HOUSE!  The one and only place where JK Rowling wrote the famous books.  DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

{I was freezing so I bought a hat….a really furry one}

{mint tea and elephant shortbread…mmmm}

After brunch, we headed off on our mountain bikes (ha) that we rented from the hostel for 5 pounds each.  It was SO COLD and that whole driving on the different side of the road thing freaked me out a few times but I loved every second of it.  Plus, Tyler is a blast.  Uh oh, video time!

My goodness, so pretty.  But I’m going to be real honest and admit those hills wore me out.  Still loved it though.  Every second.  The last few days were spent relaxing and exploring the city.  Oh, I got sick.  That was a huge boo!!!  I’m all better now.  *smile


Europe is a place that stays in your heart and mind forever.  Not only did it increase the desire in my soul to see the world but it also reminded me how beautiful the world is….and the people on it.  I can’t wait to go back.  I can’t wait to explore.  I can’t wait to fall in love with yet another place.  It’s magic.  Thanks for sharing in my journey. 

**all photos were taken by me with my iPhone, unless credited to another


14 Responses to “Scotland {part 2}”

  1. Laura Anne Says:

    So glad you loved my homecity!!!!!! I love it too. I didn’t fully appreciate it’s beauty until I left for university in another city and returned home! I actually know the people who work in The Elephant House and run it’s sister cafe ‘Elephants & Bagels’.

    Haste ye back!!

  2. Stephanie Robichaux Says:

    Wow. Wow. Wow.

    You are blessed indeed.

    I hope to some day travel Europe. This just makes me want to all the more!

    Love your blog. You are the cutest! 🙂


  3. Cheray Natalie Says:

    Words can’t express how much I love this ❤

  4. thoughtsappear Says:

    Amazing pics! I’m totally envious of your trip!

  5. Marthe Says:

    Wow! It looks wonderful! And sooo beautiful everywhere:) I’ve never been to Scotland but I’m actually going there this autumn to study for 5 months! So, this is a huge plus in my “why on earth did I decide to go all alone to Scotland”-book:)
    Your blog is very cute, you look like an incredibly amazing person! Wish there were more people like you in the world;)

    • sunshineandstarlight Says:

      It was SO gorgeous. It didn’t even seem real. 🙂 You’re going for 5 months?! Where?! Oh you are so lucky!! I hope you enjoy every second. Thanks so much for your kind words. ❤

      • Marthe Says:

        I’m going to study at the University of Aberdeen, sooo I’ll be living in Aberdeen. But I plan on seeing as much as possible of the rest of Scotland while I’m there. Hopefully I’ll make some friends and have plenty of reasons for going back:)

      • sunshineandstarlight Says:

        I’m probably going to come and visit you….every day. 🙂

    • Laura Anne Says:

      Marthe – that’s where I went to study. I loved my time there (though Aberdeen is a pretty icky city in some ways!). The people are what made it. The university was such a melting pot – no cliqueyness that so many of my friends experienced at the universities they attended. You’ll be on the east coast train line though, and recommend visiting Stonehaven and Edinburgh, taking a trip to Cairngorms and another Aberdeen must is Balmedie Beach, which is just North of the city. Just make sure you pack plenty of warm clothes for winter!!!

  6. Tiffany Says:

    So amazing!! I hope to go to Scotland and Ireland someday! And after my trip to other parts of Europe, I am hoping it is soon~! I’ve only been back 2 weeks tomorrow and I am craving another European adventure! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your amazing trip!

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