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Friendship Is Worth It

August 28, 2011

Headed home…

I have a layover in the Denver airport right this very second.  Isn’t the internet amazing?  It helps pass the time quite nicely.

Portland, like always, was wonderful.  I’m beyond exhausted and running on caffeine fumes and happy memories.  The price of my plane ticket was quickly forgotten as I got lost in heart stirring conversations and laughter with people who make you thankful to be alive.  There are some things worth sacrificing time and money for…friendship is one of these things.

Thanks again, Portland.  You and your kind/inspiring people make me entirely happy.

{myself and Shawna}


VLOG (that’s video blog…duh)

August 25, 2011

I’m literally running out the door as I type this! AUGH!! So I had to film a quick vid to say hi and bye!!

Weddings, Portland, and Dancing from Laura Stephens on Vimeo.

So hi….and bye!

Crafty Sunday

August 22, 2011

Seeing how this will be my last weekend in Dallas until October 23, I thought I should do something useful with my time.  I’m sure a lot of you saw the adorable wall art DIY from Mrs. Elsie.  If not, click here to check it out!

I rounded up a cheap duck painting from Lula B’s, some vinyl letters from Hobby Lobby and the cutest little bottle of white spray paint you’ve ever seen.  They didn’t even ask for my ID!! There’s a first time for everything!  After fifteen pseudo-messy minutes I had this…

{welcome to my living room}

I {love} it.

My weekend also consisted of running the roads and being the best social butterfly a gal can be:
-sewing party with Amy (which really consisted of Amy sewing while I sat on her couch watching Project Runway.)

-midnight In and Out Burger with Marty (the fella who took the balloon photos!!)

-a very expensive visit to Aveda (trying to go more and more all natural with the products I use in my home! there’s a certain peace of mind when you can pronounce the ingredients found in your food, home and atmosphere.)

-a party at David’s (which means we all sat around a table and talked about dating until somebody got out the guitars.)

-brunch with Mikey (a good friend i met off of instagram…yea yea call me crazy.)

-a night on the town with a couple of pretty ladies (see? i don’t just hang out with boys….although it may appear that way, it just isn’t the truth.  well, it’s sort of the truth.  i’m confused.)

-a date to a local coffee shop (with my journal…don’t get excited.)

-a shopping trip to Central Market (i forgot the groceries in my trunk but at least remembered to put the chocolate covered honey-comb in my purse.  yes, chocolate covered honey comb.  so good!)

It was a pretty great weekend.  Way to be good to me, Dallas.


August 21, 2011

{found via Pinterest}

This is just too sweet.  I’m attempting to make my own wall art with this quote today.  Wish me luck!

Pretty Portland Town

August 19, 2011

I’m going back to Portland this week…all in the name of love.

Two of my sweet Oregon friends are getting married and I’m honored to be invited.  Congratulations, Charlie and Serena!!

{Monica Lauritsen Photography}

I’m also excited about getting back here::

One of my favorite spots in the universe::

{all photos taken from my iPhone}

Peach Cobbler

August 18, 2011

Is there any dessert more perfect than peach cobbler?  Made from amazingly delicious ripe peaches right out of the tree?  Wait, do peaches grow on trees?  Or do they come off of some shrub thing?  Well, from that observation you know I didn’t pick them myself but got a few from Whole Foods.  Just as good, right?

So…..I’ve been following Joy The Baker’s blog and I LOVE IT!  She’s so clever, witty and adorable.  Plus, that girl can cook and take the prettiest photos.  I decided to make her Peach Cobbler for One recipe tonight.  Whoa… still has me in a state of food euphoria SO I had to share.

{We Heart It…it’s just so pretty!}

Yes, please…

August 15, 2011

Hoodies, hot chocolate, cuddling, flushed cheeks, chilly mornings, boots, mittens, pumpkin pancakes…

I live for fall.

Come quickly.

All images from

Usually, I don’t like pulling images from this site.  I prefer using my own photos BUT I’m sitting here in this coffee shop and I’ve been sweating all day, every day since May.  I need fall.  I want it so badly that I could cry right now, in public, if I think about it much longer.  So…to escape the heat and appease my imagination, I decided to see what was happening in terms of autumn images.  They’re lovely, right?  Yes.  They truly are.  So, using pics that don’t belong to me won’t happen often but this time I’m letting myself go there. For sanity’s sake.  Don’t hate.  Just let me have this.

And Here We Go…

August 9, 2011

Travel season is upon me again!

It may appear that I’m always in travel season but I’ve actually been on a break the past couple of months. Women of Faith is back on the road this weekend and I’ll be right alongside them….tweeting up a storm.  So funny (and awesome) that twitter helps me pay the rent. Sending out a huge kiss to social media for keeping me employed!

Here’s where I’ll be from now through November::
-Omaha, Nebraska
-Portland, Oregon
-Austin, Texas
-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
-Spokane, Washington
-Orlando, Florida
-Milwaukee, Wisconsin
-back to Portland, Oregon (not that I’m complaining…b/c I’m not!!!)
-Tampa, Florida
-Seattle, Washington
-Kansas City, Missouri

It’s easy to fall into the fast paced life of a job where you travel often.  I’m hoping and praying that I don’t take it for granted but that I also slow down enough to learn what the Lord is teaching me in this season and that I make an effort to stay in touch with friends back in Dallas (yea, I’m talking to you Jenna, Jess and Amanda!)  I love what I do but sometimes it can be hard.  But let me say again that I love love love what I do.

Know what else I love?  Horizon’s organic chocolate milk…

I’m going to go finish the Hunger Games series now.  I really can’t think of much else knowing it’s sitting next to me just waiting to be read.  Nerd alert in full force.

One of THOSE conversations…

August 7, 2011

I’m chatting away with my buddy Kyle Reed, (one of those motivating asks great questions kind of friends), and we both brought up certain things we want to learn to do but haven’t really started…for whatever reason.  That’s where the list below was born.  We decided to come up with five things to accomplish before December 2011.  Yea, goals aren’t my strong suite but I’m realizing how important they are. That’s the key really, to make goals about things that are truly important to you.  If they aren’t, you won’t accomplish them.  At least, that’s how it works in my life.

So…here they are!
Say ‘ello to my-

‘Top 5 Things Laura Elizabeth Stephens Will Wrangle Into Submission By December 2011!!’
(Doesn’t it look official all bolded and underlined?!)

1.  Learn to sew with a machine!!
This weekend, my sweet friend Amy K let me take over her apartment and sewing machine.  She has been a fabulous and patient teacher.  We are both working through Elsie’s DIY Dress-Up online course and it’s been a blast.  I already finished my first project!!! YES!!

2.  Run a half marathon. 
My first week of training is complete!  Two weeks ago, I couldn’t even run one mile without wanting to hurl myself into on-coming traffic. Dramatic much?  Just slightly.  Anyways, one week down and a lot more to go before the half on December 4.  My main motivation?  Cute new shoes.

 3.  Save $1,500 before December for a New Years trip!  Pay cash for the entire thing. 
I opened up a savings account yesterday for travel.  Like I mentioned on Twitter,  some girls grow up dreaming about and planning their wedding day.  Me?  I’ve always spent my time dreaming about seeing the world and planning to do it.  I can’t stop!  I guess you could say travel is my drug.  The savings account will go towards my trip to Paris or London for New Years.  Seeing fireworks over Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower?! Oh my.

4.  Learn to use my Canon G10. 
I rely way too heavily on my iPhone.  Plus, I’m realizing that it’s best to not only post my instagram pics and pictures I take with my phone.  It’s so hard to learn!! But now I have some editing software and a new computer that will make this a lot easier.  Thankfully!  So….between now and December I’ll have some new photos!! I’m pretty excited.

5.  Learn to edit photos.  Photos NOT taken with my iPhone.
I signed up for One to One classes at the Apple store.  I’m super excited because I’m planning to learn how to edit photos AND videos.  I work better if somebody is by my side directing me.  Yea, you self learners make me a little jealous.  Lucky you.  *smile

So that’s that!  Wish me luck.  Do you have any goals to accomplish in 2011?  Let me know!
Oh, all photos were taken with my iPhone except the Eiffel Tower….that one was from google images.  However, I’ll have my own pic in January.  Yep.

Move. Learn. Eat.

August 5, 2011

These three short films made me cry!  Mainly because they show how beautiful the world is and how much more of it I still need to see. Wow, just wow.