Trading In My Summer Flats….

…for running shoes.

I started training for my first half marathon tonight!  Yep, I’m still going through with it.  Thankfully, there’s a pretty sweet training guide for running newbies like myself.  The half is in December but I’ve got a long way to go before I’m up for it.  However, there is one pretty cool thing about it (besides the money raised for the marathon going to help those in need in Africa).  I get new running shoes!!

I’m leaning towards the Brooks Ghost 4.  Know anything about running shoes?  Do you have a pair that you absolutely love?  Hook a sister up with the information!  I want to join your cool little running crew!!!  I just need the right shoes and I’m IN!  Ok, I know it’s more than the shoes but this part is pretty fun.

I’m off to sleep now!!

Goodnight, I love you, you’re pretty, Jesus loves you, the end.


5 Responses to “Trading In My Summer Flats….”

  1. donna norvell Says:

    Love you too Laura and you are truly adorable and pretty! You are so very special to me and to the Lord Jesus.

    Love n hugs,

    donna 🙂 Psalm 4:8

  2. Laura Wynn Says:

    Laura, I feel like I say this a lot, but it needs to be said again: You. Are. Rad. What running guide are you using?! I’d love to start up running.

  3. Danielle Dorrie Says:

    oh! you can do it. its tedious, and can be frustrating, but DONT GIVE UP! I just started up running again too. It was a struggle, but I hit a great day the other day and it was so motivating! so rewarding. and I got new shoes to motivate as well. New playlists are the key 🙂 whats on your playlist now?

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