Cupcake Overload!

My friend Nicole gave me a HUGE cupcake cake pan for my birthday.  Suh-weet!  Her words – ‘The older you get the bigger the cupcake.’  I couldn’t agree more.

Last night, I hung out with my other friend Nicole (yea, it’s easy to get confused) and we gave this magical cake pan a whirl.  We used the recipe found on the back and BAM….an hour or so later we produced the yummiest hugest cupcake ever.  VICTORY!!

Soooo we brought it to work today because everybody knows bringing sweets to the office automatically makes you class favorite. Mmmmmm…..smurf blue and lookin’ mighty fine.


5 Responses to “Cupcake Overload!”

  1. jazziefizzle Says:

    hahaha oh that huge cupcake tin is awesome! I blogged about cupcakes today too!!! twins 🙂

  2. Cheray Natalie Says:

    YES!! That cupcake is AMAZING!! 🙂 🙂
    I just bought ingredients for cupcakes today – was thinking of making them for myself as a birthday treat! heeheehee

  3. ~ calista ~ Says:

    Stop it, y’all. You’re making me drool!!!! I’m going to have to make some cupcakes.

  4. Kendall Says:

    Very awesome cupcake! And I agree that makes you an instant favorite in an office. Love the blog!

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