One of THOSE conversations…

I’m chatting away with my buddy Kyle Reed, (one of those motivating asks great questions kind of friends), and we both brought up certain things we want to learn to do but haven’t really started…for whatever reason.  That’s where the list below was born.  We decided to come up with five things to accomplish before December 2011.  Yea, goals aren’t my strong suite but I’m realizing how important they are. That’s the key really, to make goals about things that are truly important to you.  If they aren’t, you won’t accomplish them.  At least, that’s how it works in my life.

So…here they are!
Say ‘ello to my-

‘Top 5 Things Laura Elizabeth Stephens Will Wrangle Into Submission By December 2011!!’
(Doesn’t it look official all bolded and underlined?!)

1.  Learn to sew with a machine!!
This weekend, my sweet friend Amy K let me take over her apartment and sewing machine.  She has been a fabulous and patient teacher.  We are both working through Elsie’s DIY Dress-Up online course and it’s been a blast.  I already finished my first project!!! YES!!

2.  Run a half marathon. 
My first week of training is complete!  Two weeks ago, I couldn’t even run one mile without wanting to hurl myself into on-coming traffic. Dramatic much?  Just slightly.  Anyways, one week down and a lot more to go before the half on December 4.  My main motivation?  Cute new shoes.

 3.  Save $1,500 before December for a New Years trip!  Pay cash for the entire thing. 
I opened up a savings account yesterday for travel.  Like I mentioned on Twitter,  some girls grow up dreaming about and planning their wedding day.  Me?  I’ve always spent my time dreaming about seeing the world and planning to do it.  I can’t stop!  I guess you could say travel is my drug.  The savings account will go towards my trip to Paris or London for New Years.  Seeing fireworks over Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower?! Oh my.

4.  Learn to use my Canon G10. 
I rely way too heavily on my iPhone.  Plus, I’m realizing that it’s best to not only post my instagram pics and pictures I take with my phone.  It’s so hard to learn!! But now I have some editing software and a new computer that will make this a lot easier.  Thankfully!  So….between now and December I’ll have some new photos!! I’m pretty excited.

5.  Learn to edit photos.  Photos NOT taken with my iPhone.
I signed up for One to One classes at the Apple store.  I’m super excited because I’m planning to learn how to edit photos AND videos.  I work better if somebody is by my side directing me.  Yea, you self learners make me a little jealous.  Lucky you.  *smile

So that’s that!  Wish me luck.  Do you have any goals to accomplish in 2011?  Let me know!
Oh, all photos were taken with my iPhone except the Eiffel Tower….that one was from google images.  However, I’ll have my own pic in January.  Yep.


16 Responses to “One of THOSE conversations…”

  1. Stephanie Robichaux (@filledefantome) Says:

    You’re kind of really inspiring. Did you know that? 🙂

    This is awesome. I should try doing my own list. I’ve been trying to learn guitar for THEE longest time, and I keep putting it off. That will def go on my list!

    Good luck with yours. Fireworks in Paris sounds amazing! Can I come?!

    • sunshineandstarlight Says:

      Thank you!!! 🙂 I’m stuck on the guitar thing too!! It just hurts my fingers so bad!! Ugh…I’m a wimp. And sure! Come on! But I’m kind of leaning towards London now. Still in? 😉

  2. Tigpan Says:

    So…I too was considering London or Paris for new years…wanna meet there? I have friends in London – so we would have a place to stay. 🙂 Lemme know…

  3. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    Let it be known that I’m quite good with Photoshop (even though that sounds really egotistical), AND I help dozens of people try to learn it daily when school is in session. 🙂 I feel super cool for my camera, computer and sewing machine proficiencies now. ha ha.

    Some of my goals, which are nerdy and also profound (and in no oder), include: Take more elaborate photographs, figure out once and for all if I am doing grad school or “just” working after this year, save money to travel, finish my online magazine and finally bake a red velvet something.

  4. Laura Wynn Says:

    these are AWESOME!! I really want to save money too…and take Elsie’s class..but what I really to milk a cow and get some organic eggs. Random much? yeah…that’s how I roll 🙂

  5. ~ calista ~ Says:

    I agree with Stephanie – you are inspiring. Let’s see – I want to have enough money in my savings account to be able to pay my rent for three months. I want to go to Alaska to see my cousin. I want to meet in person some of the people I have “met” on Twitter. I want to learn to draw {this is super scary for me, because, you know, I might fail}. And, I want to go to Mexico {that one is totally out of the blue, because I have never wanted to before, but it keeps coming up for some reason}.

  6. Tiffany Says:

    Those are really great goals!
    I need to set some too~ Right now I am focusing on paying off my mountain of debt~ I am getting a roommate tomorrow in my home that has become my sanctuary, I am nervous to share my space again. Luckily she is a great friend so it should be awesome, but my goal is to pay off as much as I can while she is living here so I can live alone again and also travel!!! 🙂 I have the travel drug bug too! 🙂

    • sunshineandstarlight Says:

      Oh yea, debt is a tough one. Good for you! Getting a roommate is a good idea. It will be good for you. I’m trying to decide if I want one of those too. Let me know how it works for you. 🙂

  7. ~ Goals and Such ~ « Each Day Is A Gift Says:

    […] yesterday, I read this post by the lovely Laura {over at Sunshine & Starlight} – this woman is inspiring to me. She […]

  8. Cheray Natalie Says:

    Great goals! Number 3 makes me feel giddy – what an amazing goal!! Paris (or London! eeee!) for New Year?? AHHHHHH!!!! 🙂
    I’m trying to start saving (and stop spending!) and the idea of a travel fund is so inspiring! 🙂
    Good luck with your goals lovely.
    I’m trying to save more, but my number one goal for 2011 is to set up an online business 🙂

  9. Danielle Dorrie Says:

    My goal is to do one thing that makes me a better person each day…and remember WHY I am doing it. That’s the hardest part!! Maybe I’ll meet you in London too….rewards!

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