Yes, please…

Hoodies, hot chocolate, cuddling, flushed cheeks, chilly mornings, boots, mittens, pumpkin pancakes…

I live for fall.

Come quickly.

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Usually, I don’t like pulling images from this site.  I prefer using my own photos BUT I’m sitting here in this coffee shop and I’ve been sweating all day, every day since May.  I need fall.  I want it so badly that I could cry right now, in public, if I think about it much longer.  So…to escape the heat and appease my imagination, I decided to see what was happening in terms of autumn images.  They’re lovely, right?  Yes.  They truly are.  So, using pics that don’t belong to me won’t happen often but this time I’m letting myself go there. For sanity’s sake.  Don’t hate.  Just let me have this.


10 Responses to “Yes, please…”

  1. Laura Wynn Says:

    oh man, AMEN! I can’t wait!!

  2. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    Yes! I was just daydreaming about fall. Golden leaves, euphoric breezes … not dying of heat stroke.

  3. cheraynatalie Says:

    ahhh amazing!!
    I’m loving winter at the moment 😉
    (it’s ok – you can mock me when it’s my summer and i’m melting hehehe)
    I’ve never had a pumpkin pancake (or a pumpkin pie! eeeps – don’t be mad!) – pretty sure I need to get on the pumpkin wagon 😉
    Cheray x

  4. Jamie (inspired mess) Says:

    Oh I can’t wait either!!!!!! Today it was 73* this morning! I could get used to it just getting cooler and cooler every day! Fall, please come quickly!!!!!

  5. ~ calista ~ Says:

    I am glad you have definition in your seasons. We don’t and we are spoiled rotten by our weather. But, I do miss fall and winter and spring and thunderstorms and lightning…I’m sure I’ll survive. Ha!

  6. Says:

    I was just saying the other day how much I miss Fall/Winter and I cannot wait unitl they arrive once again! I love the pictures, even if they aren’t yours, thanks for giving us hope this heat will end….eventually! Bring on the COLD weather, beautiful leaves, snow, cool breezes and the smell of all things yummy cooking in the oven! 🙂

  7. Erin Tang Says:

    Sometimes I wake up and feel the cold AC and see the dead grass and think it’s fall…and I get little butterflies. Then I realize it’s just HOT! CORN MAIZE!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Angela Says:

    I know! I miss it too. I can’t wait to make soup and have my coffee in my big mugs, holding it to warm my hands. And I so love my knitted wool socks.

    I’m in TX and it is waaaay too hot here 🙂

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