Friendship Is Worth It

Headed home…

I have a layover in the Denver airport right this very second.  Isn’t the internet amazing?  It helps pass the time quite nicely.

Portland, like always, was wonderful.  I’m beyond exhausted and running on caffeine fumes and happy memories.  The price of my plane ticket was quickly forgotten as I got lost in heart stirring conversations and laughter with people who make you thankful to be alive.  There are some things worth sacrificing time and money for…friendship is one of these things.

Thanks again, Portland.  You and your kind/inspiring people make me entirely happy.

{myself and Shawna}


3 Responses to “Friendship Is Worth It”

  1. donna norvell Says:

    Hi Laura,

    So pleased that you were blessed abundantly on your trip to Portland. Love the photo of you and Shawna at Multnomah Falls!

    Your statement that “There are some things worth sacrificing time and money for…friendship is one of these things”. is so true. When I was in Nashville at All Access, God blessed me with a special friendship with Cheryl, who lives in Indiana. Our hearts were “knit together” immediately. Over the past months, we have texted and called each other at least once a week and much more some weeks. We began to pray about a way for us to see one another and God opened a special door for us and we chose to ‘sacrifice” so we can be together. She is flying out in October so we can attend WOF together and we are sooooo excited! God gave both of us peace that this is to be our last year as group leaders so what a special way to celebrate together. She has never been to Oregon so I will get to be her tour guide and I hope to take her to Multnomah Falls. She hopes to stay for 5 days including WOF days. Hope to see you there an introduce you to Cheryl.

    Have a blessed and safe flight home.

    Love n hugs,

    donna 🙂 Eph. 3:20

  2. shawna czeczok Says:

    i LOVE this photo! and I LOVE you!!! looking forward to your return in October for fall activities =)xoxoxoxo-


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