Ya Gotta Run…

Last night, I was taking an evening jog around my neighborhood just before sunset.  It’s my favorite time to run.  I was thinking about dreams and what it means to pursue them and why taking the first step to pursuing a dream is always so terrifying.  Why is that? The fear is paralyzing and hard to avoid.  Hmmm…

Moving on…

As I was finishing up my jog, I could see the sunset peeking over the trees and buildings but just far enough away where I couldn’t quite catch all of it.  I wanted to see it so bad but felt like God was saying – ‘You can see this, but ya gotta run for it.’

So I ran.  And goodness am I glad that I did.

I think the same applies to our dreams.  We can reach them but we gotta run.  They won’t be realized by standing still.  Even if the fear tells us otherwise.


2 Responses to “Ya Gotta Run…”

  1. Jamie Maldonado Says:

    Beautiful photo, and very interesting thoughts! Also, amen! ha ha.

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