Drybar Dallas

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No cuts.  No color.  Just blowouts.

This is the genius business model behind the newest craze in pampering!  My friend Jenna and I visited Drybar Dallas yesterday and I loved it!  For $35, they wash and style your hair whichever way you choose.  It’s a super girlie outing in an adorable atmosphere with complimentary cookies and champagne.

Jenna got her hair styled pretty and straight while I went with loose beach curls.  My hair NEVER holds curl…ever.  This may be one of the first times I’ve ever worn it that way and it’s still curly right this second!  24 hours later and it’s hanging in there. Victory!  We’re trying to organize a girls night out soon and our first stop will be Drybar.  Know what’s not awesome?  I totally forgot to take pictures!! Rawr!!

Know what’s awesome?  There are plenty of Drybar locations popping up all over the country!!! Check them out and fall in love.  Tell them Laura Elizabeth Stephens sent you.  They’ll just look at you like you’re crazy but I’d get a laugh out of it.

For those of you that are STILL reading, I’ve got a little treat for you.  I hardly ever blog about my dating life because even I have a hard time keeping up with it. However, I did meet a handsome long haired musician in the Apple store the other day and spent the evening riding around Dallas on his new Harley.  So/much/fun! No, it’s not a long term thing.  I have places to see, people to meet, countries to explore before I settle.  BUT it was a pretty magical night…full moon and all. 



9 Responses to “Drybar Dallas”

  1. Stephanie Robichaux (@filledefantome) Says:

    This Drybar places looks delightful!

    & full moon, harley riding with a musician ALSO sounds delightful!

    How exactly do you meet a stranger in an Apple store and end up on a perfect date with them? Please tell me!


  2. Denielle Says:

    Love love love this!!!! And the special little ready at the end!! Happy travels!!! 🙂

  3. ~ calista ~ Says:

    Ooooooh – yay! First moves are scary {how exactly did you do that?}. I’m glad he responded!

  4. ~ calista ~ Says:

    Or you can just email it to me if you don’t feel like sharing with the whole world :-}

  5. Cheray Natalie Says:

    brilliant on all accounts 🙂
    Way to go on making the first move too – dates involving full moons and handsome long haired motorcycle riding musicians (who you met in an apple store no less!) incredible!! 🙂
    The drybar looks amazing…especially since i am utterly HOPELESS at doing anything with my hair – even my ponytails are a bit of a wreck?! haha

  6. Molly Says:

    Oh LAMBY. how i love thee….. bug juice.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you so much for writing about us! So happy to hear your curls lasted. Anytime you had any feedback about our shop I would love to hear it swilliams@thedrybar.com. We hope to see you again soon!

    Operating Partner Drybar Dallas!

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