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PDX Pics

October 21, 2011

Here are a few photos from my recent trip to Portland, OR.  I’ll let the pretty speak for itself.  I was on happy endorphin overload the entire time.  The best part?  I’m going back this week.  HOORAY!!

{Fresh Pot Coffee on Hawthorne}

{a little Hawthorne creeper}

{Multnomah Falls}

{it’s raining spooks}


{Camp Wilderness – my home away from home in Portland}


{my favorite place in the world}

{silly faces}


Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

October 20, 2011

Holy smokes!  Before you know it a lifetime can go by and you haven’t blogged a single thing! Well these pictures are MUCH overdo but they deserve a post all to themselves.  My trip to Florida with Jamie to visit the Harry Potter theme park was magic.  I cried three times before I even got inside the HP part of the park.  It was just a dream come true.  Yea, so maybe my dreams are sometimes small BUT they’re still mine…all mine.

{flying to Florida through a golden sunset}

{This pretty much sums up how we felt all day long!}

{THE castle}

{slurp…butter beer! It tasted like cream soda, butterscotch, frozen goodness}

{Honeydukes – The Twins candy shop}

{if only I could be a real wizard/witch}


{we rode this roller coaster four times…totally worth the vertigo feeling that lasted all day!}

{Jamie got a new boyfriend. He’s her favorite color.}

{I wasn’t so sure about him. But isn’t that how we’re supposed to treat the new boyfriend of your best friend?}

It was such a fun trip.  I was thankful to celebrate this with one of my dearest friends, Jamie Jett! She is just the sweetest most thoughtful lady in the universe. I LOVE her.

Halloween Decor:: Cute As Can Be!

October 13, 2011

So I like owls.  I’ll admit it.  Fading fad or not, this is adorable and I’m totally doing it.

Find other fall cuteness here.
I know, right?  Who knew?


October 6, 2011

Oh, hey guys! In the past few weeks I’ve been in Milwaukee, Orlando, Dallas and now in Portland, Oregon!  It’s been a whirlwind of crazy busyness and a few unexpected surprises. Life is just really swell right now.  Really swell and super busy and I’m on a happy endorphin rush.  I’ll be updating A LOT soon because boy, do I have a lot to blog about.

Until then…I’ll sit here in Cup and Saucer with my yummy scones and coffee. Mmmm!