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Merry Christmas

December 24, 2011

I’m home for the holidays! Wishing you a magic filled Christmas! I’m thankful for the One who came so long ago to give us hope. Merry Christmas!


Handmade Christmas Presents!

December 18, 2011

My sweet friend Kati gave me the best present for Christmas.  Even the way she wrapped it up was adorable!! Plus, it was handmade.  Such a sweet & thoughtful gift…not to mention the cutest!

Merry Christmas!


Christmas Traditions

December 16, 2011

If something happens two years in a row that is totally a tradition, right?
Because I really like this one.

I got bundled up with some good friends from Dallas, made mint hot cocoa and drove around looking at Christmas lights.  Talk about warm and fuzzy holiday feelings.

Isn’t Christmas time grand?
Hooray for traditions.

*photos taken by (& borrowed from) my good friend, Richard Muske 

Even More San Francisco!

December 15, 2011

We packed some major goodness into a short 60 hour period.
So it continues…

{street art outside of Buffalo Exchange}

{sunset on the pier}

{pirate ship…aaaarrrrr!}

{markets on every corner}

{smitten kitten}

{chowder & pizza…slurp}

{can’t get enough}

{here we go again…i couldn’t stop}

{Union Square Christmas!!}

{hot cocoa & ice skating!}

{kyle planned ice skating & it was soooo much fun!}

{i didn’t fall one single time! be amazed.}

{more ice skaaaaaaaaaating!}

{there was a lot of Christmas spirit in the air}

{no, seriously.}
and i didn’t even get one photo of the hundreds of people we saw
dressed like santas, roaming the streets of san fran for santacon!
google it.  it’s hilarious.

{real life willy wonka factory – ghirardelli}

{you want to see more, you say?}

{straight from ghiradelli square}

probably one of my favorite photos because every.single.time we tried to leave
we spent 45 minutes on day one trying to figure it out.
that will steal your pride away real fast.
crazy doors with crazy locks.

All of that to say-
I’m beyond thankful for the journeys I’m able to take and hope for many, many more.  Thanks for reading along!

San Francisco Weekend

December 14, 2011

Who needs words when you have pretty photos?  I’ll just throw in a couple of letters here and there when needed.

{such a pretty bridge…}
Smiling because moments before this photo was taken, we were
almost taken out by a rogue army of segway scooters!!

{pier 23}

{my cheetah oxfords…meow}

{most epic Mumford & Sons show with 14,000 others!!!}

{because who doesn’t love a good bicycle photo? exactly.}

{i knew they were real…}

{exploring around the mission}

{life motto}

{pie for breakfast makes laura a happy girl}

{told ya…hooray for mission pie}

{this is kyle – trip planner, tour guide, travel buddy, bag carrier,
direction giver, picture taker, door opener, great guy…}

{so cold but so beautiful}


{the famous pier 39 & some extremely vocal sea lions}

{Merry Christmas time!!}

{best news ever}

We ate a lot of great food
Listened to a lot of pretty music.
Saw a lot of really strange (but awesome) people.
Took a whole lot of photos.
More photos that I’ll be sure to post tomorrow.

San Francisco Preview

December 13, 2011

I’m in the process of sorting through a few hundred San Francisco pictures from this past weekend. My expectations were met and exceeded a trillion times. Such a perfect weekend getaway. Much more to come! I’ll post many more photos all week long, starting with this one…seafoam trolley!!


Holidays Are For Being Fancy

December 9, 2011

This doesn’t happen often but it shall happen again.

{just your average iPhone mirror shot}

I ::love:: being a girl.
I’m laughing that my bangs shadow makes it look like I only have makeup on one eye.
Silly shadows.
Sillier girl.

San Franciscoooooooo!

December 8, 2011

{We Heart It}

This has been the year of travel dreams coming true!  I’ll be headed to San Francisco early tomorrow morning to see Mumford & Sons (twice in one year!!) and Florence & The Machine in concert!  My friend Kyle is taking me to Not So Silent Night and then I’ll have all weekend to play in the city.  So beyond excited.  Know what I’m not excited about?  Getting to the airport at 5 am tomorrow for my flight.  Noooooooooooo!!!!

Have a great weekend!

Cake Pops & Reindeers

December 4, 2011

This was a weekend full of Dallas Christmas cheer.  Cake pop baking, icing ninjas, photo taking, reindeer horns, Christmas parades, brunching, walks in the rain.  You could say it was a pretty swell 48 hours.

{cake pop ninja}

{finished project!! At 2 am!}

{Downtown Dallas Christmas parade!}

{stroll through Lakewood in the rain}

My weekends are still spent like a kid in college.  I like it.  San Francisco on FRIDAY!  Life continues in a blur….

My Blog Is Snowing Again

December 2, 2011

I love when this happens…

{We Heart It}