Cake Pops & Reindeers

This was a weekend full of Dallas Christmas cheer.  Cake pop baking, icing ninjas, photo taking, reindeer horns, Christmas parades, brunching, walks in the rain.  You could say it was a pretty swell 48 hours.

{cake pop ninja}

{finished project!! At 2 am!}

{Downtown Dallas Christmas parade!}

{stroll through Lakewood in the rain}

My weekends are still spent like a kid in college.  I like it.  San Francisco on FRIDAY!  Life continues in a blur….


2 Responses to “Cake Pops & Reindeers”

  1. ~ calista ~ Says:

    You’re going to SF?! Yay! I’ll be there this week too! You’ll love it! Your cake pops look amazing! I tried to make some of those on Saturday…the chocolate I used wasn’t all that great, so they didn’t turn out as awesome as I had hoped. Oh, well – next time they’ll be awesome!

  2. Cheray Natalie Says:

    You’re adorable (as per usual!)
    Cake pops are next on my to bake list – hopefully I don’t become to addicted to them 😉
    and yaaaaay – San Francisco ❤ ❤ ❤
    It's my most favourite place! Enjoy lovely
    Cheray xxx

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