Even More San Francisco!

We packed some major goodness into a short 60 hour period.
So it continues…

{street art outside of Buffalo Exchange}

{sunset on the pier}

{pirate ship…aaaarrrrr!}

{markets on every corner}

{smitten kitten}

{chowder & pizza…slurp}

{can’t get enough}

{here we go again…i couldn’t stop}

{Union Square Christmas!!}

{hot cocoa & ice skating!}

{kyle planned ice skating & it was soooo much fun!}

{i didn’t fall one single time! be amazed.}

{more ice skaaaaaaaaaating!}

{there was a lot of Christmas spirit in the air}

{no, seriously.}
and i didn’t even get one photo of the hundreds of people we saw
dressed like santas, roaming the streets of san fran for santacon!
google it.  it’s hilarious.

{real life willy wonka factory – ghirardelli}

{you want to see more, you say?}

{straight from ghiradelli square}

probably one of my favorite photos because every.single.time we tried to leave
we spent 45 minutes on day one trying to figure it out.
that will steal your pride away real fast.
crazy doors with crazy locks.

All of that to say-
I’m beyond thankful for the journeys I’m able to take and hope for many, many more.  Thanks for reading along!


3 Responses to “Even More San Francisco!”

  1. Jadyn Says:

    Oh I looooove your photos!! San Francisco is one of my favorite cities in the world. I recently visited my sister who lives in Pleasanton (although right now in Washington DC for 18 months), about 1 1/2 hrs from San Francisco and we took a couple of day trips to the big city. So much fun! I’ll have to make sure we go inside Ghiradelli next time, that looks like fun!

    Your blog is beautiful! I would love it if we could be blog friends! 🙂

  2. car Says:

    Laura!! That is THE Macy’s where I got my black coat! haha Love the pic of you Ice Skating cutie and that GINORMOUS Christmas tree!! So glad you had so much fun!!!!


  3. Cheray Natalie Says:

    so amazing Laura! ❤
    thank you for sharing the pics

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