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New Home, New Decor!

January 28, 2012

My new apartment is about twice the size of my cozy little place back in Texas.  This means there are miles of wall space to fill!  Here are a few projects I’m looking to complete this month.

Home, sweet home!

::above the bed in the guest room::
found here

::above the dining room table::
found here 

found here

I’m enlisting the help of my friends with these little beauties!


More Ace Hotel Mischief

January 27, 2012

More photos from my couch surfing adventures…

I’ll be surprised if the Ace Hotel ever lets me stay there another night.
Totally worth it.
This is probably a good time to mention once again how fun my friends are.

Photos below taken by the extremely talented (& beautiful) Andria Lindquist. 

So good.
So fun.
The best part? This was the first time I had ever met most of the people in these photos! Make new friends.  It’s worth it.

Ace Hotel Photo Booth

January 26, 2012

With a month off from work, it would have been silly not to visit my favorite city in the world – Portland, Oregon. How I love it so! I usually stay with my thoughtful friends when I’m in town because it’s mega cheap and super fun.  However, this trip I spent two nights at the Ace Hotel because I’ve always wanted to. It’s beautiful, convenient, great for people watching, connected to a Stumptown and worth every penny.  Not to mention the home of the best photo booth ever.  Which, I must say, we took full liberty of.

New Year’s Eve

January 25, 2012

I spent a week in Austin for New Year’s Eve!  I believe we ended up at four different parties in one evening.  We started here with a brief photo session and nearly blowing up the place:

And then we almost burned the place to the ground via sparklers.  Don’t try this at home. Seriously. Don’t.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Only a month late…

All photos taken by my friend Daniel Davis. Check out his work! He’s a talented fella. 

Where I’ve Been…

January 24, 2012

{taken on the ferry in Seattle, WA}

More like where haven’t I been?! This past month has been an absolute whirlwind!
Here it is in a nutshell-

-I got offered a job to do Girl’s Ministry at a church in Broken Arrow, OK and I jumped on it.  (More on that later.  There is a lot to share!)
-After five great years, I quit my job at Women of Faith a week before Christmas. 
-I spent the past month couch surfing across the country to some of my favorite places.
-I had a great deal of adventures that I’ll share in the next few days.
-I packed up and said goodbye to the life I’ve had in Texas for 30 years. 
-My wonderful family moved me to Oklahoma last weekend.
-I’ve been blown away with the kindness of the people here in my new town and I am beyond thrilled about it.  
-I start my new job on Sunday!!

So, I apologize for my disappearance but I blame it on being without internet for part of the time, packing and unpacking part of the time and having one of the best months of my entire life for the remainder of it.  The Lord has been gracious.  2012 has already proven to be fantastic.  Can’t wait to share it with you.