New Home, New Decor!

My new apartment is about twice the size of my cozy little place back in Texas.  This means there are miles of wall space to fill!  Here are a few projects I’m looking to complete this month.

Home, sweet home!

::above the bed in the guest room::
found here

::above the dining room table::
found here 

found here

I’m enlisting the help of my friends with these little beauties!


5 Responses to “New Home, New Decor!”

  1. recipesfromthisyear Says:

    aww…I’m making a birthday bunting banner for Annalise’s birthday. 🙂

  2. recipesfromthisyear Says:

    oh shoot…my blog is supposed to be secret…what have I done?!

  3. Christin Says:

    love love love your living room look! so much fun! glad you’re making it your own there. 🙂

  4. Cheray Natalie Says:

    so pretty! loving all those home decor ideas!
    i’m sure you’ll make your new home just lovely

  5. FairlighT Says:

    Ohmygoodness. I love your place! And even though it’s in Oklahoma, I want to come see it for myself!

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