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Unicorn Party

March 26, 2012

My sweet friends in Dallas put together the BEST going away party before I headed here to Oklahoma. The theme was cowboys, indians and unicorns….duh. Lots of yummy treats and a photo booth made the party more than perfect. Here are a few silly images from the evening:

Oh man. I miss these people!

Christmas Traditions

December 16, 2011

If something happens two years in a row that is totally a tradition, right?
Because I really like this one.

I got bundled up with some good friends from Dallas, made mint hot cocoa and drove around looking at Christmas lights.  Talk about warm and fuzzy holiday feelings.

Isn’t Christmas time grand?
Hooray for traditions.

*photos taken by (& borrowed from) my good friend, Richard Muske 

Cake Pops & Reindeers

December 4, 2011

This was a weekend full of Dallas Christmas cheer.  Cake pop baking, icing ninjas, photo taking, reindeer horns, Christmas parades, brunching, walks in the rain.  You could say it was a pretty swell 48 hours.

{cake pop ninja}

{finished project!! At 2 am!}

{Downtown Dallas Christmas parade!}

{stroll through Lakewood in the rain}

My weekends are still spent like a kid in college.  I like it.  San Francisco on FRIDAY!  Life continues in a blur….

New Hair-Do!

December 1, 2011

I got my hair did at DryBar with some of my favorite ladies.  Here is my look of complete surprise that my super straight hair can actually curl! Holy smokes!  A Christmas miracle!

Etsy Jingle Bash

November 26, 2011

A group of us crashed the Dallas Etsy Jingle Bash to scout out the locally made goodies.  Then we found the photo-booth.

My friends are special.  Yes, indeed.


Drybar Dallas

September 15, 2011

{via We Heart It}

No cuts.  No color.  Just blowouts.

This is the genius business model behind the newest craze in pampering!  My friend Jenna and I visited Drybar Dallas yesterday and I loved it!  For $35, they wash and style your hair whichever way you choose.  It’s a super girlie outing in an adorable atmosphere with complimentary cookies and champagne.

Jenna got her hair styled pretty and straight while I went with loose beach curls.  My hair NEVER holds curl…ever.  This may be one of the first times I’ve ever worn it that way and it’s still curly right this second!  24 hours later and it’s hanging in there. Victory!  We’re trying to organize a girls night out soon and our first stop will be Drybar.  Know what’s not awesome?  I totally forgot to take pictures!! Rawr!!

Know what’s awesome?  There are plenty of Drybar locations popping up all over the country!!! Check them out and fall in love.  Tell them Laura Elizabeth Stephens sent you.  They’ll just look at you like you’re crazy but I’d get a laugh out of it.

For those of you that are STILL reading, I’ve got a little treat for you.  I hardly ever blog about my dating life because even I have a hard time keeping up with it. However, I did meet a handsome long haired musician in the Apple store the other day and spent the evening riding around Dallas on his new Harley.  So/much/fun! No, it’s not a long term thing.  I have places to see, people to meet, countries to explore before I settle.  BUT it was a pretty magical night…full moon and all. 


More balloons? Ok!

July 12, 2011

Here are some of the last photographs from my weekend adventure with Mr. Marty.  I don’t really enjoy getting my photo taken all the time but every once in a while won’t kill me.  Well, at least I don’t think it will. 

Holding on to this rainbow in the crazy 30 mph wind was a lot harder than it looks!

Basically, I’m an undercover fairy princess with magical flying powers.  Just let me believe it, ok?

And that, my dears, is the end.


Summer Shoot!

July 11, 2011

{that’s me back there! my friend Marty put  me in front of the camera and behind pretty balloons}

This is my favorite photo that we took this past weekend.  The colors of the rainbow AND a dress?  That sums me up perfectly. 

The idea was taken from a photo that I saw about a year ago.  I completely fell i love with it and practically begged Marty for the chance to recreate it.  You can see the photo here.  And if anybody knows where it came from I’d LOVE to know!!! 

It’s always a joy to spend time with my talented friends as they develop their skills.  The perks aren’t so bad either.


July 10, 2011


…it’s impossible to survive the Texas heat without them.

Yesterday, I had a fun summertime photo adventure with my friend Marty.  It was 104 degrees outside and I had two 1/2 heat strokes and a moment where I was seeing apparitions.  Ok, not really but man was it hawt!! And also so fun.  He bought me a popsicle for being a good sport.  New photos AND popsicles?! Double win.

Photo Of The Week

June 26, 2011


I’m blogging on my cell phone while sitting by the pool. Ah, I love technology.

We had a Hawaiian themed work party on Saturday. I snapped this photo with my iPhone because I couldn’t help but notice the brilliant blue of the summer sky with the paper lanterns. The heat is killing me BUT I’ll manage as long as I have popsicles, pools, parties & somewhere to take photos.

Hope you had a great weekend!!!