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You Should Read This: The Happiness Project

November 27, 2011

{via google image}

I’m a traveler and a bookworm, which means I spend a good chunk of change on airport reading material.  If I’m about to get on a flight without at least two books to read I go into panic mode.  It’s weird, I know.  I’ll work it out later.  I was browsing the bookstore in some random city airport when I stumbled onto The Happiness Project.  I’m working with a 50/50 chance of random book purchases being worth it when I buy blindly, without knowledge of what’s inside.  THIS was a great purchase!  I LOVED it.  Maybe because I’m a pretty happy person and maybe because it’s about a lady who studied the theories and principles of happiness for an entire year or because it’s full of great quotes or because Gretchen Rubin is a blogger.  Whatever it was, she had me at the first page.

{print on Etsy, found here}

Here are a few of my most favorite lines from the book:

-The days are long, but the years are short.
-Studies show that each common interest between people boosts the chances of a lasting relationship and also brings about a 2 percent increase in life satisfaction.
-What you enjoyed as a ten-year-old is probably something you’d enjoy now.
-Fun is energizing.
-I can do anything I want, but I can’t do everything I want.
-Taking the time to be silly means that we’re infecting one another with good cheer, and people who enjoy silliness are one third more likely to be happy.
-Everyone from contemporary scientists to ancient philosophers agrees that having strong social bonds is probably the most meaningful contributor to happiness.  

Intrigued yet?
You can purchase the book here!
You can also check out Gretchen’s blog, The Happiness Project, here.
An entire study on happiness.  I like.


Etsy Jingle Bash

November 26, 2011

A group of us crashed the Dallas Etsy Jingle Bash to scout out the locally made goodies.  Then we found the photo-booth.

My friends are special.  Yes, indeed.


Support Handmade/Local Art

April 7, 2011

Somehow, I’ve been put in the path of some very talented and creative souls.  It’s a joy to see what they’ll come up with next.  Because of this, I try to support some of my favorite artists as much as possible.  I know a lot of you feel the same.  I think it’s a blogging thing.  *smile

This week, I purchased a few handmade things that I’m pretty excited about.

This necklace from Elsie’s shop.  She’s one of the reasons I started blogging (almost a year ago) so I’ll always show mad love to her and the Red Velvet girls.

Next on the list….my dear friend Carli makes the most beautiful stationery.  I ordered a few of my favorites and cannot wait to send some pretty letters out into the world.  You should check out her etsy shop!!  Knowing how much love Carli puts into each piece makes it that much better.  Plus, she’s one of my best friends in the world.

Letters of Love Stationery //Bike// Set of 8

Alright, I’m off to Austin, TX for another crazy weekend.  Think brunch, kayaks, coffee dates with Carli, vintage shopping, live music and sleeping late.


boot {crush}

February 18, 2011

Oh, hey everybody!  I’ve been absent just a teensy weensy bit.  But I’m back now!! At least until I head off to Portland, OR in 8 days! Oh man…I cannot wait!!

So on to what this post is about….BOOTS!  I’ve been quite smitten with pretty boots for as long as I can remember.  Nope, it’s not because I’m a Texan it’s because they’re awesome and look cute with everything.  Seriously.  Plus, I’m not a dressy high heels kind of girl so boots are perfect dress up/dress down material and they’re so comfortable. 

Here’s a little photo of my newest pair from UO.  I’m in love with them and in love with my employee discount.  Tired of hearing about it yet?  Nope?  Well then….awesome.

{my pretty fantastic boots – taken with my iPhone by my friend Richard. I was the shoe model standing on top of the desk.  Hehe!}

I took a trip through etsy land and found some other boots that would look pretty on any foot.

size 7.5 brown ankle boots made in Italy{found here}

Adorable 1980s Vintage Red Suede Elf Boot Sz 5{found here}

Vintage Zodiac FRINGE Black Suede Cowboys Boots Size 7.5{found here}

I can’t get enough. 

{boot love}

I’ll be back later! Sometime….not sure when exactly but it will be SOON!  Happy weekend to you!

Yep…I’m a Texan

January 28, 2011

As most of you know, I finally painted my living room a nice shade of goodness.

I finished painting a few weeks ago and just now finally decided to start the decorating process.  It takes a while to decide what to do with a huge empty freshly painted space!  So, in full Texan fashion I’ve picked the first thing going up on that wall…
FREE SHIPPING Life Size Hand painted Acrylic Faux Deer Head (AOKI)

FREE SHIPPING Life Size Hand painted Acrylic Faux Deer Head (AOKI)

Of course, I found it on etsy.  You can get one too if you like!! Check out the artist here.

So pretty…
Happy Friday!

Feather Crush

January 15, 2011

 Lately I’ve been crushing on all things feather related.  Why are they just so pretty? From paintings to jewelry to cookies to music…I love it all.  Here are some of my favorites feathers at this EXACT MOMENT!! It’s exciting, yes?

Take Flight Sterling Silver Feather Bangle{pretty feather bracelet found here}

Golden Feather Bobby Pin Set{pretty little hair pins found here}

Feathers{pretty feather print that I want super bad found here}

{if i ever got a tattoo if would be of one of these bright feathers// via We Heart It}

{yummy feather cookies// via We Heart It}

And of course my favorite feathers of all….the beautiful band Horse Feathers. I cannot get enough.  I made this entire blog post just so I could make this playlist and listen EVERY DAY!! I do apologize to those outside of the US that can’t get the playlist to operate.  I’ll find another option ASAP.  Until then, feather love to all.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

I {love} Volume 25

September 5, 2010

Etsy is guilty of stealing minutes from my day without showing any signs of remorse.  Eh, I’m not too angry because this website helps me find beautiful shops like Volume 25.  Could I have one of everything?  No? Well, ok.  Maybe one day.  Until then….I’ll just look over the pretty little pictures and imagine them on my wall. 

{found here}
Remember Happiness- NEW- choose your color
{found here}
i will be grateful for this day
{found here}
the journey- NEW choose your color
{found here}
love is magical alternate colors- NEW
{found here}
The secret to becoming who you wish to be
{found here}
Hello World
{found here}
Super cute, right?  I like them very very much.


August 24, 2010

{my new motto}

Bring Your Own Sunshine - 8x10
I found this lovely print on Etsy (here) and it will be perfect on my new turquoise wall…that is, once I finally paint it.  So yea, be your own sunshine.

Discovering Dallas….finally

August 13, 2010

{We Heart It}

I’ve lived in Dallas, TX (well….Plano if you want to get technical) for the past five years or so. However, I have no clue what there is to to around here. I guess you could say I’m slightly a Dallas hater. The average DFW lifestyle hasn’t really appealed to me with it’s tanning beds and obsession with bigger and better. Plus, I spend so much of my time visiting other amazing cities in the US with great culture and artistic expression. Dallas, in my opinion, has always been lacking but my job, great friends, and wonderful church make up for it.

Lately I’ve had to accept that I’m going to be living here for a while so I’ve decided to stop the hate and begin searching for parts of Dallas that inspire me….restaurants, local places, entertainment, thrift stores, vintage finds, music venues, record stores, bakeries, coffee shops, all of it. I know that I can’t do this alone because I have no clue where to begin! This is where my fellow blog friend Christin comes into the picture. I’ve enlisted her in my challenge to find all things hip and with it in Dallas. She’s pretty much the cutest thing ever and next week we will begin our search for all things awesome in the Dallas area. Not only will we search high and low but we will also photograph and blog about our findings. Yea, I’m pretty stoked about it. Make sure you check out The Dallas Socials website for tons of good information and great deals happening every day around DFW. There’s also the fine people at Etsy Dallas and their blog. I’m planning on using these sites to help find a lot of places.

Have any suggestions of where to begin? I’ll write a special blog post every Wednesday with new and inspiring places. Come on, Dallas! Prove me wrong. I dare you.

{We Heart It}

This Could Be A Disaster…

July 27, 2010

(We Heart It)

I follow a lot of blogs…I’m talking A LOT of beautiful, inspiring, fun, creative, funky, awesome bloggity blogs all throughout internet land.  Because of this, I’ve stumbled upon some great food blogs.   You can find a list of some of my favorites in the blog roll.  Go on, take a peek.  (Hint: It’s to your right.)  As you may or may not know, I can’t cook very well at all.  Ok fine, I’m awful.  I keep telling myself I’ll get better at this and now is the time.

So…I’ve decided to find a potentially yummy recipe from a different cooking blog every week and attempt to recreate it in my tiny little apartment kitchen.  Ohemgee, I’m already getting nervous about this.  Don’t worry, I’m going to take plenty of pics and document it even if it’s a total disaster.  Muahaha.  I can’t really nail down one specific day of the week that this will occur because let’s face it, my schedule is iNsAnE!  But it will happen weekly (starting this week) and I shall blog every second of it. 

In honor of this new challenge for myself, I’ve compiled a list of swoon-worthy internet finds for the kitchen.

Cupcake maker…..found here

Pyrex polka dot bowl set
Pretty vintage pyrex….found here
Vintage Pyrex Primary Mixing Bowls Set of 3
and here
Vintage cutting board - mushrooms - toadstools - acrylic - hard clear plastic - plexi glass
Vintage Mushroom Cutting Board….found here
RETRO vintage PITCHER summmer FUN Anchor Hocking SUMMERTIME LEMONADE or ICED TEA or Tang pitcher carafe ORANGE juice kitchen serve entertain cheap collection
Vintage Pitcher….found here
Anthropologie Measuring Cups…found here
Anthropologie apron….found here
Rhino head….Juuuust kidding, guys!! I don’t personally want this little guy anywhere near my apartment but if you do…find it here
Alright, here goes nothing! Anybody know any good cooking blogs? Share the love, please.  I need all the help I can get.