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Raw Fish & Sugar Rice

July 8, 2010

i ::love:: sushi
(we heart it)

I’m not entirely sure of the first moment I tried these tasty little morsels but I can’t stop craving them now.  Oh man…so good.  Last night I went on a sushi run to Oishii with my buddy Rand.  (I’ll take this moment to admit that we became friends because of  Twitter…GASP!  He’s super cool and a great friend now!)  Rand brought along his new iPhone 4 (don’t be jealous of him) and we snapped some pics.  Try to ignore the crazy red eyes going on.

Rand decided to get a little brave and ordered Octopus.  I was not entirely sure how I felt about the little guys.

So, because all great moments should be recorded, we made a video of the mystery sushi….and our attempt to eat it.

I came home and went on a search for all things cute and sushi-like.  I wanted to share what I found because I was amazed at the creative raw fish lovers out there.

sushi plushie found –> here

finger sushi found –> here

Sushi even has a Keep Calm poster! Want one? Get it –> here

I want this sushi birthday cake — found on we heart it.

And how flippin’ cool are these legos?  (found on we heart it)

Oh man, I’m seriously craving some smoked salmon right about now.  So good.  Alright, I’m out for the day….but not before showing you what my crazy friend Deppisch did once he got his hands on the red eyed sushi pics.

My friends….are insane and I love it. 

Laura Elizabeth out!!
XoXoPeace in your hoodXoXo


My Finger Has A Mustache

June 22, 2010

I was sitting in work yesterday when I heard this little bundle of joy creep into my cubicle….and she came with a present. Oh my, I ::love:: presents. My sweet friend Courtney has been globe trotting the past month or so and I hadn’t seen her in what felt like years. Her beautiful face was a pleasant surprise but then she handed me a box which contained this…

An adorable Tatty Devine mustache ring!! My heart melted and I haven’t taken it off since. It’s just so cute. Try looking at that little mustache and holding in a smile…impossible.

So, I found some other adorable mustache beauties on Etsy! I may buy all of them.

Upcycled Modern Stacking Mustache Espresso Mugs - White
Mustache Espresso Mugs
Mustache Set 2 Macbook Vinyl Decals
Headband Incognito - Moustache Headband
mustache comb-over
You should get one for yourself. They’re an instant smile.

Etsy, Family, & a Felt Mustache

June 19, 2010

Friday and Saturday in pictures!

(in line for the Etsy Dallas Craft Party w/Amy, Ashley, and David)

(we raided the photo booth!!)

(say ‘Hi’ to Amy, David, Ashley, and Marisha)

(my cute parents)

(my pretty little sis)

(where I spent my Saturday)

(Practicing flying…didn’t get too far)

I’m at my parents house now in East TX.  So fun!! My little sis and her husband are here celebrating Father’s Day.  Another fabulous weekend and we still have one day left.  Hug your dad this weekend!!!

Etsy Dallas Day!!

June 17, 2010

I’m so excited for the weekend…crafting party and father’s day road trip!  If you live in the Dallas area, you HAVE to join us tomorrow night!! Free cupcakes, drinks, photo-booth, mustaches on a stick, and a brand new sewing machine giveaway!! Umm…I can’t sew a bloomin’ stitch but I am down for some photo-booth and mustache madness with fellow crafty crafters.  Click here and RSVP so we can play!

After the party, I’m headed to the homestead to see my pops.  He’s seriously the best.  Ok, consider yourself invited to the party.  You have no good excuse not to make it out.  Farewell, you crazy cats!