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March 25, 2012

{taken with my iPhone}

It’s officially springtime in Oklahoma! The one and only Mr. Nate Lampa came to visit this weekend so we made strawberry basil lemonade and it…was awesome. So awesome. Awesome enough that I think everybody should make a huge pitcher of this right now! It’s perfect back-porch sipping material. Plus, it was SO easy.

Store bought lemonade (got ours from Whole Foods) + fresh sliced strawberries + fresh basil + lemon slices = so much yummy goodness

**I’ve been pretty quiet lately! New job, new home, new life means I’ve been super busy. I think I’ve about got things into a rhythm I can keep up with…almost. Still loving every second of it. Just trying to keep up with crazy teenagers again! They’ve got some energy levels that cannot be competed with!!**


New Home, New Decor!

January 28, 2012

My new apartment is about twice the size of my cozy little place back in Texas.  This means there are miles of wall space to fill!  Here are a few projects I’m looking to complete this month.

Home, sweet home!

::above the bed in the guest room::
found here

::above the dining room table::
found here 

found here

I’m enlisting the help of my friends with these little beauties!

Merry Christmas

December 24, 2011

I’m home for the holidays! Wishing you a magic filled Christmas! I’m thankful for the One who came so long ago to give us hope. Merry Christmas!


Fall Is Pretty

November 25, 2011

Glimpses of fall so far.

{Medford, OR/ sent to me from a dear friend}

{taken in Portland, OR}

{taken outside my office in Plano, TX}

{love note from the tree outside my window}

{new fall kicks}

{pretty park in my hometown}

{rainbow trees}

{my childhood backyard}
*photos taken on my iPhone 3GS


June 14, 2011

Have you guys seen my motivation floating and twirling and running about?  If so, please return it to me as soon as you can.  She seems to have taken a trip and left me home alone to fend for myself. 

I don’t travel much during the summer and this tends to make me feel a little… off.  My mind works better when my day-planner is packed from sun up to sun down.  I feel backwards when this happens.  There are SO many things that I should be and could be doing in my down time:

–blog more (oh, like that Scotland and Ireland post!! Blast!)
–take loads of photos and learn to edit them
–sewing lessons so I can mend some unwearables
–cook yummy things I’ve never tried before…like rhubarb (did I spell that right?)
–write letters and finally send the ones sitting on my desk (whoops!!)
–pretty little crafty projects
–work out regularly
–kick caffeine to the curb (for just a month or so)
–you get the idea….

So how does one motivate themselves?  We’ll see!!  I’m hoping I can figure this out before the whirlwind of life hits again.  I miss the whirlwind already but know there is peace in the stillness.  I’ve just never been good at finding it. 

{iPhone photo// jogging trail & twilight}

Spring Cleaning

April 21, 2011

1302491184365202_large{We Heart It}

I’m not a messy person…at all.  In fact, I’m quite the opposite.  I probably obsess a little too much on the neat, tidy and sanitary side.  This is why I’m completely geeking out about the cleaning service coming to my cozy little apartment on Tuesday!  MaidPro will be arriving at my place with a 49-Point Checklist in hand.  Oh my word….I love clean!  They’ll be taking over floors, cabinets, dusting, changing the sheets, kitchen, bathroom and anything else along the way. 

I’m afraid they may laugh when they get to my place because 1) it’s so tiny and 2) it’s not messy….at all!  Oh well.  I already know I’m going to love it after they’re done.  This goes to show that I really am getting older, even though I still look 18.  Who gets completely giddy about an apartment deep clean?  This girl.

The Gift of Color

March 29, 2011

I’m lucky enough to live next door to one of my closest friends, Chrissy. She dropped by on Sunday after a trip to the grocery store to give me these…just because.


Such a kind thing to do. It made my week and also made my living room ready for spring.


Why The Snow Was My Fault…

February 6, 2011

{the arctic blast of 2011}

Every once in a while, like everybody else, I start to wonder how on earth I’m going to accomplish everything that’s happening in my life.  I don’t just want to accomplish things but I want to enjoy them and do them well…110%.  However, there are seasons where I panic just a little and get overwhelmed with being pulled in 75 million different directions.  I like it, don’t misunderstand me, I just panic at the thought of no time to myself and no time to be home in my cozy little apartment, doing nothing but reading a good book and listening to pretty music. 

Two weeks ago, I was at the panic point.  I prayed a quick little prayer asking the Lord to help me fit everything in but also not completely lose my mind.  Then on Monday night the snow and ice began to fall and I, along with thousands of other people, found myself snowed in for an entire week. 

{went for a walk in the snow…i told my shadow that i wanted to be alone but she didn’t listen…she never does}

What did I do all week long?  I worked from home but besides that I did absolutely  nothing.  I did nothing because I didn’t have a choice!  Well I did a few things…stayed in my pajamas all week long, made french press coffee every morning with time to enjoy it, read good books, caught up with some friends over email and phone calls, cleaned everything then cleaned everything again, went on walks by myself, spent a lot of time with Chrissy (she lives next door to me but I still don’t have as much time with her as I’d like), read good books, listened to lovely tunes, baked, took photos, watched movies, started making homemade Valentines, listened to podcasts from my church….etc, etc, etc.

{walking behind my apartment….so cold but so perfect}

Of course, I’m not saying that God allowed it to snow just so I would  have some alone time to gather my thoughts and rest but I am saying it was exactly what I needed.  Not only did I get time to myself but I also got snow….and that is wonderful.  I {love} snow.  It transforms the everyday into a fairytale. 

Prayer is a request.  The essence of a request, as distinct from compulsion, is that it may or may not be granted.  And if an infinitely wise Being listens to the requests of finite and foolish creatures, of course He will sometimes grant and sometimes refuse them.  Invariable “success” in prayer would not prove the Christian doctrine at all.  It would prove something much more like magic – a power in certain human beings to control, or compel, the course of nature.
–CS Lewis

So…the snow is melting now.  It was perfect while it lasted but I am going a bit stir crazy. I think one more day without much human interaction and I would have completely lost it.  Hehe.  See?  I was on the brink.

{cray cray cabin fever}

Tomorrow I’m back at work, then on Tuesday I’m flying out to Nashville for an entire week for a work trip.  Hooray!! Ok….I’m going to finish my Valentines and make cupcakes now.  I’m taking advantage of my last ‘snow day’.  Real life begins again tomorrow and I’m all prepared.  God is good.  He takes care of us…always…and in the best of ways, so that we can’t take any of the credit. 

Sorry about the snow, guys.  Maybe next time I’ll pray that it would rain cupcakes.  *wink

Yep…I’m a Texan

January 28, 2011

As most of you know, I finally painted my living room a nice shade of goodness.

I finished painting a few weeks ago and just now finally decided to start the decorating process.  It takes a while to decide what to do with a huge empty freshly painted space!  So, in full Texan fashion I’ve picked the first thing going up on that wall…
FREE SHIPPING Life Size Hand painted Acrylic Faux Deer Head (AOKI)

FREE SHIPPING Life Size Hand painted Acrylic Faux Deer Head (AOKI)

Of course, I found it on etsy.  You can get one too if you like!! Check out the artist here.

So pretty…
Happy Friday!