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New Home, New Decor!

January 28, 2012

My new apartment is about twice the size of my cozy little place back in Texas.  This means there are miles of wall space to fill!  Here are a few projects I’m looking to complete this month.

Home, sweet home!

::above the bed in the guest room::
found here

::above the dining room table::
found here 

found here

I’m enlisting the help of my friends with these little beauties!


Halloween Decor:: Cute As Can Be!

October 13, 2011

So I like owls.  I’ll admit it.  Fading fad or not, this is adorable and I’m totally doing it.

Find other fall cuteness here.
I know, right?  Who knew?

Street Style

September 20, 2011

I ran across this blog post today and was pleasantly surprised by the fashion sense of these handsome fellas.  Of course, I had to search around on my own to find a few more well dressed misters out there.  I love it when a man has just as much fun as the ladies when it comes to fashion and expressing himself.  Here were some of my favorites:

Aren’t these great?  Looks like I’ll be adding men street style blogs to my google reader from now on.

Images from:
Citizen Couture 
The Sartorialist 
Backyard Bill  
Urban Weeds 
The Urban Gentleman 




August 21, 2011

{found via Pinterest}

This is just too sweet.  I’m attempting to make my own wall art with this quote today.  Wish me luck!

Yes, please…

August 15, 2011

Hoodies, hot chocolate, cuddling, flushed cheeks, chilly mornings, boots, mittens, pumpkin pancakes…

I live for fall.

Come quickly.

All images from

Usually, I don’t like pulling images from this site.  I prefer using my own photos BUT I’m sitting here in this coffee shop and I’ve been sweating all day, every day since May.  I need fall.  I want it so badly that I could cry right now, in public, if I think about it much longer.  So…to escape the heat and appease my imagination, I decided to see what was happening in terms of autumn images.  They’re lovely, right?  Yes.  They truly are.  So, using pics that don’t belong to me won’t happen often but this time I’m letting myself go there. For sanity’s sake.  Don’t hate.  Just let me have this.

So…I’m a Runner Now

July 15, 2011

{me in Sudan with some major cuties/ Daniel Davis Photography}

Every once in a while, I’ll have the realization that life is so incredibly boring when I make it all about myself.  Not only that…but I have about 85 years, if I’m lucky, to do something about it.  This is what brings me to being a new runner aaaaaand why I hope you’re here.  Thanks, by the way, for even checking this out.

Let me start off by saying that I am not, I repeat NOT, a runner.  At this present time, I can’t even jog 5 miles without wanting to crawl into the nearest ditch and die while begging for it to be over.  Ok, that was a little dramatic but not by much.  I’m in bad shape for a skinny 30 year old (on July 29!!) who loves cupcakes and bubble tea.  (We can talk about that later.)

About a week ago, World Vision approached our work place with a need and explained how we could join together to raise money for villages in Africa to have clean water.  Water!  The most basic thing we need to survive and there are literally thousands who die daily because they don’t have it.  Heck yes, I’ll get off of my computer and run 13.2 miles for that!  So, on December 4, I’m running a half marathon with Team World Vision to raise awareness and funding for villages in Africa so that these sweet children and their families can have clean drinking water and a chance for a better life.

{orphanage in Sudan….love}

Here’s what I love about the folks at WV!  World Vision works with communities in desperate need to help provide things like clean water, good food, education, medical care, and economic opportunity.  They truly care about changing the world and it shows.  However, we do need your help.  Yes, you knew this was coming!!!  Each person on our team has a goal to raise $1,300 by race day. S o…I’m shooting for $2,000.  Why?  Because if I raise it, that means 40 people have water for LIFE!!!!  Yes, it’s true.  $50 provides clean water for one person for the rest of their life.  That…is…awesome.

{My favorite photo I’ve ever taken….ever!!! Sudan!}

I was able to spend some time in Sudan and Uganda two years ago and I know first-hand how much this would mean to the people there.  You can read about my trip here.  Being there wrecked my heart but also made me realize how closely tied all of us really are.  In this day and age, it’s amazing that we don’t ever have to step foot in a country to help.  We can save lives by simply clicking a donate button.  They need help.  We can give it.  I’m asking you to help me. Please.  (puppy dog eyes…)

Will you make a tax-deductible donation to support my efforts?  It’s easy!  Just click here!  Together we can help change lives in Africa and in the process maybe even change ourselves.

I love you forever and ever. Thank you for being in my life.

I should go start training now,
Laura Elizabeth

{orphanage in Sudan// Daniel Davis Photography}

Happy Birthday!

April 26, 2011

37380059_large{We Heart It}

Happy one year birthday to my little blog!  Yes, it’s true.  An entire year has already passed since I started blogging.  I rarely stick with much of anything long term – boys, hobbies, learning to play the guitar, favorite color, limiting my sugar intake, etc – so I’m especially proud to have a blog anniversary and even happier about the things I’ve learned during this time!!

Things I’ve learned over the past year about blogging:

1::The world is much smaller than we think.  I’ve met some incredible people through the blog world and for this I’m entirely thankful.

2::Inspiration is only a click away.  There are about 20 blogs that I read every single day and I’ve been inspired so much by the men and women behind them.  Thank you for blogging!

3::Be consistent.  I’ve had a few people tell me that it’s best to blog at least 4-5 times a week.  This has been my goal, although there have been many weeks where I haven’t even gotten close to making this mark.  This is something I hope to improve in the days to come.

4::Be honest.  Love people.  Share your heart. 

5::Blog about things that interest you, not just what everybody else seems to be blogging about.  Not only am I happier doing this but people get a chance to see who I really am! 

6::Interact often with those around you.  It’s valuable to take the time to pour into the blog community.  Plus, it’s just good manners. 

7::Be positive.  I think it’s best to share hard times and drama with a good friend over a cup of coffee.  That’s why you won’t be seeing any of that here.  Sure, I have bad days like everybody else but I’m just choosing not to blog about it.  Just a personal choice.  That’s all.

8::It’s ok if it isn’t perfect.  Blog anyway. 

9::Pictures are your best friend!!! I’ve LOVED taking photos throughout theispast year and posting them for my friends and family to see.  It’s expanded my creative mindset and allowed me to share my travels with the world.  Plus, posts are just so much better with pretty photos.

10::I have some amazing readers and I am super duper over the moon thankful for every kind word, every link shared, every piece of advice, every friend I’ve made…thank you, thank you, thank you.  You make it worth blogging another year.  *hug

{iPhone photo taken last weekend}

Tree Hugger (& mountains & stars & flowers)

April 19, 2011

Nothing awakens my soul like the raw beauty of  the world around us.  Nothing brings me to tears faster than a sunrise or a mountain view.  There’s something about it.  I like to think nature is the one language I speak fluently and the one thing that understands me completely.  Probably because the God who created it is the only one who understands me, completely.

I happened across these videos on Twitter yesterday and cannot stop watching them.  Brilliant.  Just one of the many reasons I’m in awe over how beautiful the universe really is.  Take a look.  You’ll see.  The man who made these videos is an artist.

And this one too, of course.

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.  –Psalm 19:1

See more stunning work from Terje Sorgjerd here.

{Kate Spade} Bike Love

April 14, 2011

So, I’m not a huge label/brand kind of girl but this Kate Spade bike is SO CUTE I can barely stand it. 

And just when you think you can’t take any more they come out with this adorable video.  Smitten kitten.  It’s time for a bike ride.

A huge thanks to Molly for sharing the info about this little beauty.

Support Handmade/Local Art

April 7, 2011

Somehow, I’ve been put in the path of some very talented and creative souls.  It’s a joy to see what they’ll come up with next.  Because of this, I try to support some of my favorite artists as much as possible.  I know a lot of you feel the same.  I think it’s a blogging thing.  *smile

This week, I purchased a few handmade things that I’m pretty excited about.

This necklace from Elsie’s shop.  She’s one of the reasons I started blogging (almost a year ago) so I’ll always show mad love to her and the Red Velvet girls.

Next on the list….my dear friend Carli makes the most beautiful stationery.  I ordered a few of my favorites and cannot wait to send some pretty letters out into the world.  You should check out her etsy shop!!  Knowing how much love Carli puts into each piece makes it that much better.  Plus, she’s one of my best friends in the world.

Letters of Love Stationery //Bike// Set of 8

Alright, I’m off to Austin, TX for another crazy weekend.  Think brunch, kayaks, coffee dates with Carli, vintage shopping, live music and sleeping late.