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More Photos! (part 2)

February 21, 2012

From Texas to Portland to Seattle…
Photos galore.

{the falls with Cubby}

{Molly Moon’s glorious ice cream}

{Seattle, WA from the ferry}

{coffee + cocoa}

{two of my favorite ladies in Seattle}

{IG friends hanging out in real life}

{super cuteness}

{Cubby took this one! So pretty!}

{Bainbridge Island}


{black + white party}

{VooDoo Doughnuts}

{Snoqualmie Falls}

{more of the pretty pretty falls}

{pretty coffee/ before I gave it up}

This was such a fun trip! And yes, all photos were taken with my iPhone. I sure love that thing.


New Year’s Eve

January 25, 2012

I spent a week in Austin for New Year’s Eve!  I believe we ended up at four different parties in one evening.  We started here with a brief photo session and nearly blowing up the place:

And then we almost burned the place to the ground via sparklers.  Don’t try this at home. Seriously. Don’t.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Only a month late…

All photos taken by my friend Daniel Davis. Check out his work! He’s a talented fella. 

Even More San Francisco!

December 15, 2011

We packed some major goodness into a short 60 hour period.
So it continues…

{street art outside of Buffalo Exchange}

{sunset on the pier}

{pirate ship…aaaarrrrr!}

{markets on every corner}

{smitten kitten}

{chowder & pizza…slurp}

{can’t get enough}

{here we go again…i couldn’t stop}

{Union Square Christmas!!}

{hot cocoa & ice skating!}

{kyle planned ice skating & it was soooo much fun!}

{i didn’t fall one single time! be amazed.}

{more ice skaaaaaaaaaating!}

{there was a lot of Christmas spirit in the air}

{no, seriously.}
and i didn’t even get one photo of the hundreds of people we saw
dressed like santas, roaming the streets of san fran for santacon!
google it.  it’s hilarious.

{real life willy wonka factory – ghirardelli}

{you want to see more, you say?}

{straight from ghiradelli square}

probably one of my favorite photos because every.single.time we tried to leave
we spent 45 minutes on day one trying to figure it out.
that will steal your pride away real fast.
crazy doors with crazy locks.

All of that to say-
I’m beyond thankful for the journeys I’m able to take and hope for many, many more.  Thanks for reading along!

Holidays Are For Being Fancy

December 9, 2011

This doesn’t happen often but it shall happen again.

{just your average iPhone mirror shot}

I ::love:: being a girl.
I’m laughing that my bangs shadow makes it look like I only have makeup on one eye.
Silly shadows.
Sillier girl.

My Blog Is Snowing Again

December 2, 2011

I love when this happens…

{We Heart It}



Etsy Jingle Bash

November 26, 2011

A group of us crashed the Dallas Etsy Jingle Bash to scout out the locally made goodies.  Then we found the photo-booth.

My friends are special.  Yes, indeed.


Fall Is Pretty

November 25, 2011

Glimpses of fall so far.

{Medford, OR/ sent to me from a dear friend}

{taken in Portland, OR}

{taken outside my office in Plano, TX}

{love note from the tree outside my window}

{new fall kicks}

{pretty park in my hometown}

{rainbow trees}

{my childhood backyard}
*photos taken on my iPhone 3GS

Lately via Instagram

November 23, 2011

I’m still loving my Instagram app!  Although I’m rockin’ an iPhone 3GS, I can still get fun photos along the way!  Here are a few of my latest pics:

{up in the air}

{fall in the city}

{good coffee/better convo}

{my dear friend, Carli}

{pretty fall colors}


{fun wigs}

Feel free to find me on Instagram (laura_elizabeth) and join the madness.  Crazily, I just hit 52,000 followers on IG.  Yea, that many people can get a tiny bit overwhelming but I’m just thankful for the support and great community found through that sweet little photo app.  Happiness can be found anywhere…even in an old iPhone.

Oh, hello there!

July 31, 2011

There’s been a lot happening around here.  More than usual.  Like what, you ask?

Well, I was in the ER two weeks ago and literally thought I was going to die.  (I can be a little dramatic sometimes but I was pretty freaked out this time….for real.)  Then I spent the next week hopping to a few doctors trying to figure out what was wrong.

This week, I turned the big 3-0!! Crazy right?  Yea, I look 12 but that’s part of the fun of telling people how old I am.  I was flooded with love from family and friends and my love tank is over flowing with gratitude.  I mean, if you’re into cheesy sayings like love tank.  Which I happen to be, clearly.  I’m moved to tears when I think about all of the people God has placed in my life that show love to me.

I also spent a few days at the ECHO Conference in Dallas.  Loved it! Surrounded with fellow lovers of social media, blogs and geeky things.

Like I mentioned above, I have a lot to catch up on but before that I’ll share a few photos from the ECHO Smilebooth.  Too much fun, really.  Don’t put me in front of a camera or I will FREAK OUT I tell ya.  FREAK out.

So…I’m a Runner Now

July 15, 2011

{me in Sudan with some major cuties/ Daniel Davis Photography}

Every once in a while, I’ll have the realization that life is so incredibly boring when I make it all about myself.  Not only that…but I have about 85 years, if I’m lucky, to do something about it.  This is what brings me to being a new runner aaaaaand why I hope you’re here.  Thanks, by the way, for even checking this out.

Let me start off by saying that I am not, I repeat NOT, a runner.  At this present time, I can’t even jog 5 miles without wanting to crawl into the nearest ditch and die while begging for it to be over.  Ok, that was a little dramatic but not by much.  I’m in bad shape for a skinny 30 year old (on July 29!!) who loves cupcakes and bubble tea.  (We can talk about that later.)

About a week ago, World Vision approached our work place with a need and explained how we could join together to raise money for villages in Africa to have clean water.  Water!  The most basic thing we need to survive and there are literally thousands who die daily because they don’t have it.  Heck yes, I’ll get off of my computer and run 13.2 miles for that!  So, on December 4, I’m running a half marathon with Team World Vision to raise awareness and funding for villages in Africa so that these sweet children and their families can have clean drinking water and a chance for a better life.

{orphanage in Sudan….love}

Here’s what I love about the folks at WV!  World Vision works with communities in desperate need to help provide things like clean water, good food, education, medical care, and economic opportunity.  They truly care about changing the world and it shows.  However, we do need your help.  Yes, you knew this was coming!!!  Each person on our team has a goal to raise $1,300 by race day. S o…I’m shooting for $2,000.  Why?  Because if I raise it, that means 40 people have water for LIFE!!!!  Yes, it’s true.  $50 provides clean water for one person for the rest of their life.  That…is…awesome.

{My favorite photo I’ve ever taken….ever!!! Sudan!}

I was able to spend some time in Sudan and Uganda two years ago and I know first-hand how much this would mean to the people there.  You can read about my trip here.  Being there wrecked my heart but also made me realize how closely tied all of us really are.  In this day and age, it’s amazing that we don’t ever have to step foot in a country to help.  We can save lives by simply clicking a donate button.  They need help.  We can give it.  I’m asking you to help me. Please.  (puppy dog eyes…)

Will you make a tax-deductible donation to support my efforts?  It’s easy!  Just click here!  Together we can help change lives in Africa and in the process maybe even change ourselves.

I love you forever and ever. Thank you for being in my life.

I should go start training now,
Laura Elizabeth

{orphanage in Sudan// Daniel Davis Photography}