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You Should Read This: The Happiness Project

November 27, 2011

{via google image}

I’m a traveler and a bookworm, which means I spend a good chunk of change on airport reading material.  If I’m about to get on a flight without at least two books to read I go into panic mode.  It’s weird, I know.  I’ll work it out later.  I was browsing the bookstore in some random city airport when I stumbled onto The Happiness Project.  I’m working with a 50/50 chance of random book purchases being worth it when I buy blindly, without knowledge of what’s inside.  THIS was a great purchase!  I LOVED it.  Maybe because I’m a pretty happy person and maybe because it’s about a lady who studied the theories and principles of happiness for an entire year or because it’s full of great quotes or because Gretchen Rubin is a blogger.  Whatever it was, she had me at the first page.

{print on Etsy, found here}

Here are a few of my most favorite lines from the book:

-The days are long, but the years are short.
-Studies show that each common interest between people boosts the chances of a lasting relationship and also brings about a 2 percent increase in life satisfaction.
-What you enjoyed as a ten-year-old is probably something you’d enjoy now.
-Fun is energizing.
-I can do anything I want, but I can’t do everything I want.
-Taking the time to be silly means that we’re infecting one another with good cheer, and people who enjoy silliness are one third more likely to be happy.
-Everyone from contemporary scientists to ancient philosophers agrees that having strong social bonds is probably the most meaningful contributor to happiness.  

Intrigued yet?
You can purchase the book here!
You can also check out Gretchen’s blog, The Happiness Project, here.
An entire study on happiness.  I like.

America, I love you.

September 11, 2011

{taken from my hotel room on the 23rd floor – downtown Philadelphia}

I’m spending the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in Philadelphia, PA.  Every year I get more and more proud of this country.  Regardless of the craziness that surrounds us, I love being an American.

This morning in the hotel, we watched the September 11th footage from 10 years ago. It was haunting, scary and also uplifting to hear from those that risked their lives for friends, family and strangers.  When asked how they escaped the fire and ash the brave firefighters answered, ‘We walked towards the light.’

And we’re still doing just this…walking towards the light.  Towards the only one who can direct our path and calm our hearts when the world is turned upside down with fear, evil and anxiety.  The one who lights even the darkest places.

Be still and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10 

Always remember.

Coffee & Girl Talk

September 5, 2011

{photo by inkedfingers}

Austin, Tx…you really should stop being so addicting.  I’m hyped up on a delishush latte while sitting across the table from one of my dearest friends, Carli.  I like it here.

A friend is one who knows you and
loves you just the same.
-E. Hubbard 





August 21, 2011

{found via Pinterest}

This is just too sweet.  I’m attempting to make my own wall art with this quote today.  Wish me luck!


April 13, 2011

Tumblr_lekvitsva41qa9szzo1_500_large{We Heart It}

Through pride the devil became the devil. Pride leads to every vice, it’s
the complete anti-God state of mind.
–CS Lewis–

Here’s to watching our pride be lifted & taken away like balloons released into the sky.  We can’t afford to hold on, keeping pride close.

Like A Child

February 20, 2011

I made my own Valentines this year for the first time since 4th grade.

{taken with my iPhone}

I used my typewriter, some vintage buttons, doilys (what a silly word), glue sticks, a bicycle stamp and a few hours I didn’t have.  There’s something to this art therapy thing, I believe.

{my Valentine}

As much joy as I got making pretty Valentines for my friends and family, I think I got more from the act of creating something with my hands.  You see, when I was a child I constantly created.  I made all sorts of crafty things and never stopped to critically observe each piece, wondering if they were pretty enough or if this was something I was good at.  I just made….to bring something into existence that wasn’t there before.  That’s the only reason, because it made me happy. 

But somewhere down the line I stopped making things.  I started believing the lie in my head that said I wasn’t creative enough and would never be ‘one of those people’….you know, the super amazingly wonderful artsy types that we all aspire to be like {someday}. 

Where did this believe originate from?  I have absolutely no idea.  Maybe when it became ‘cooler’ to play with makeup rather than make homemade Valentine’s cards or when ‘popular’ was based on the brand of clothes you wore and not original creations made in your bedroom, with a glue gun and popsicle sticks. 

Wherever the lie started, it’s finally being removed from my thoughts.  This makes me wonder.  What else did we love as a child and then suddenly, before we even realized, that love became replaced with the idea that it was a silly thing to love in the first place and we weren’t really good enough at it anyway to care?  It’s quite silly and I’m over it.  I’m going to go make something now.  Have a great Sunday!

{little me}

The pursuit of truth  and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.

Why The Snow Was My Fault…

February 6, 2011

{the arctic blast of 2011}

Every once in a while, like everybody else, I start to wonder how on earth I’m going to accomplish everything that’s happening in my life.  I don’t just want to accomplish things but I want to enjoy them and do them well…110%.  However, there are seasons where I panic just a little and get overwhelmed with being pulled in 75 million different directions.  I like it, don’t misunderstand me, I just panic at the thought of no time to myself and no time to be home in my cozy little apartment, doing nothing but reading a good book and listening to pretty music. 

Two weeks ago, I was at the panic point.  I prayed a quick little prayer asking the Lord to help me fit everything in but also not completely lose my mind.  Then on Monday night the snow and ice began to fall and I, along with thousands of other people, found myself snowed in for an entire week. 

{went for a walk in the snow…i told my shadow that i wanted to be alone but she didn’t listen…she never does}

What did I do all week long?  I worked from home but besides that I did absolutely  nothing.  I did nothing because I didn’t have a choice!  Well I did a few things…stayed in my pajamas all week long, made french press coffee every morning with time to enjoy it, read good books, caught up with some friends over email and phone calls, cleaned everything then cleaned everything again, went on walks by myself, spent a lot of time with Chrissy (she lives next door to me but I still don’t have as much time with her as I’d like), read good books, listened to lovely tunes, baked, took photos, watched movies, started making homemade Valentines, listened to podcasts from my church….etc, etc, etc.

{walking behind my apartment….so cold but so perfect}

Of course, I’m not saying that God allowed it to snow just so I would  have some alone time to gather my thoughts and rest but I am saying it was exactly what I needed.  Not only did I get time to myself but I also got snow….and that is wonderful.  I {love} snow.  It transforms the everyday into a fairytale. 

Prayer is a request.  The essence of a request, as distinct from compulsion, is that it may or may not be granted.  And if an infinitely wise Being listens to the requests of finite and foolish creatures, of course He will sometimes grant and sometimes refuse them.  Invariable “success” in prayer would not prove the Christian doctrine at all.  It would prove something much more like magic – a power in certain human beings to control, or compel, the course of nature.
–CS Lewis

So…the snow is melting now.  It was perfect while it lasted but I am going a bit stir crazy. I think one more day without much human interaction and I would have completely lost it.  Hehe.  See?  I was on the brink.

{cray cray cabin fever}

Tomorrow I’m back at work, then on Tuesday I’m flying out to Nashville for an entire week for a work trip.  Hooray!! Ok….I’m going to finish my Valentines and make cupcakes now.  I’m taking advantage of my last ‘snow day’.  Real life begins again tomorrow and I’m all prepared.  God is good.  He takes care of us…always…and in the best of ways, so that we can’t take any of the credit. 

Sorry about the snow, guys.  Maybe next time I’ll pray that it would rain cupcakes.  *wink

Snail Mail On A Cold Day

February 3, 2011

Day 3:
Still snowed in.

Do you know what this does to a people person?  Makes you a bit crazy when you go this long with little to no human contact.  I got all dressed up just to drop my rent check off at the office.  It was closed.  I skated there in rain boots.  Seriously.  There are sheets of ice covering my entire apartment complex. 

Don’t get me wrong….I’m beyond capable of entertaining myself but after a while you start talking to your faithful coffee mug.  Anyways, after I dropped off my rent check I skated past my mailbox and found this inside….

{a thoughtful card from my sweet friend, Carli}

It made my entire day all warm and fuzzy while I was standing in 20 degrees on sheets of ice.  Funny how friendship does that.  So…when is the last time you wrote a letter just because?  It’s the simplest act but can change a person’s entire week.  You should write one….right now….to anybody…just because.  It’s so very fun.  Life is made memorable by simple pleasures – like letter writing and getting lost on purpose. 

Thanks again, Carli.  Once again you made my day. 

What a lot we lost when we stopped writing letters.  You can’t
reread a phone call.
–L. Carpenter

I Get By…

January 24, 2011

…with a little help from my friends. 

And I do admit that I think they’re ah-mazing.

I came home after a normal day at the office and found a little piece of happiness in my mailbox.  There was a package from Jamie just waiting to be opened.  Inside I found the kindest note and this adorable cloud pin! She made it herself and sent it my direction.  I’m still smiling about it.

How in the world I fell into a pile of amazingly brilliant and loving people I may never know.  I thank the Lord every day for the friendships I’m lucky enough to have.  Seriously.  The kind of friends who make a point to call, text, mail letters, make roadtrips, send emails, ask deep questions, never tire of the trouble I get into, put up with my insane travel schedule and always always love me unconditionally.

I know friendship by example and I also know I have a long way to go before I repay all of the kindness they have shown me.  In a world full of online relationships (of which I do have many fantastic virtual friends) I’m so happy to have plenty of people close and willing to give a hug or lend an ear when I need it.  It takes work and effort to keep up with people but they’re worth it and I’m thankful they think I’m worth it too. 

“We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and private: and therefore starved for meditation and true friendship.”
–CS Lewis

Photos Photos Photos

January 21, 2011

Busy time in the life of Laura Elizabeth!!  Instead of going on and on with all the things that have occupied my time lately, I’ve decided to share some pretty iPhone photos that I’ve taken this week.  Honestly, I’ll get around to using a ‘real’ camera soon enough but for now…..this will do just fine.

{i bought myself some flowers because i like them}

{still loving my turquoise wall}

{the sun reappeared on Monday and it made my entire day}

{another Mark Twain quote that I needed to hear}

{more sunshine!! Plus, I got you something.}

{my new french press is ah-mazing….really, it is}

I hope your week has been fantastic!! The tour season kicks off tonight so this girl is about to be in a whirlwind of fast times and new places to explore.  Xo!