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//Spring Time

February 22, 2011

Spring is just around the corner.
-bike rides
-pretty shoes
-lovely dresses


{some of my favorite shoes & one pretty little dress/taken with my iPhone}

{my most favorite necklace of all time/taken with my iPhone}


boot {crush}

February 18, 2011

Oh, hey everybody!  I’ve been absent just a teensy weensy bit.  But I’m back now!! At least until I head off to Portland, OR in 8 days! Oh man…I cannot wait!!

So on to what this post is about….BOOTS!  I’ve been quite smitten with pretty boots for as long as I can remember.  Nope, it’s not because I’m a Texan it’s because they’re awesome and look cute with everything.  Seriously.  Plus, I’m not a dressy high heels kind of girl so boots are perfect dress up/dress down material and they’re so comfortable. 

Here’s a little photo of my newest pair from UO.  I’m in love with them and in love with my employee discount.  Tired of hearing about it yet?  Nope?  Well then….awesome.

{my pretty fantastic boots – taken with my iPhone by my friend Richard. I was the shoe model standing on top of the desk.  Hehe!}

I took a trip through etsy land and found some other boots that would look pretty on any foot.

size 7.5 brown ankle boots made in Italy{found here}

Adorable 1980s Vintage Red Suede Elf Boot Sz 5{found here}

Vintage Zodiac FRINGE Black Suede Cowboys Boots Size 7.5{found here}

I can’t get enough. 

{boot love}

I’ll be back later! Sometime….not sure when exactly but it will be SOON!  Happy weekend to you!

Hello there!

January 31, 2011

Just popping in to say hi!! It’s supposed to snow tonight and I keep peeking out the front door to feel the temperature falling.  I feel that Texas got cheated out of a proper winter so I’m beyond happy about the storm a’brewing. 

I’m in the middle of watching a nice 80’s flick – Say Anything – but wanted to say HI before returning to my cozy couch and blanket situation.  Purrfect.  I love quiet nights when I can spend time relaxing.  Guess that means I’m getting old!!  I like it. 

Oh….I found this hat and I’m in LOVE!! I’ve been looking for one for quite some time but of course we had the perfect fit at my Urban store so I swooped it up!

Ok so maybe I found a pretty feather bracelet as well.  Oh goodness.

But no more!! I am cutting myself off!! Put the employee discount card down and step away…..much better.

Have a lovely Monday evening and Tuesday morning.