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And Here We Go…

August 9, 2011

Travel season is upon me again!

It may appear that I’m always in travel season but I’ve actually been on a break the past couple of months. Women of Faith is back on the road this weekend and I’ll be right alongside them….tweeting up a storm.  So funny (and awesome) that twitter helps me pay the rent. Sending out a huge kiss to social media for keeping me employed!

Here’s where I’ll be from now through November::
-Omaha, Nebraska
-Portland, Oregon
-Austin, Texas
-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
-Spokane, Washington
-Orlando, Florida
-Milwaukee, Wisconsin
-back to Portland, Oregon (not that I’m complaining…b/c I’m not!!!)
-Tampa, Florida
-Seattle, Washington
-Kansas City, Missouri

It’s easy to fall into the fast paced life of a job where you travel often.  I’m hoping and praying that I don’t take it for granted but that I also slow down enough to learn what the Lord is teaching me in this season and that I make an effort to stay in touch with friends back in Dallas (yea, I’m talking to you Jenna, Jess and Amanda!)  I love what I do but sometimes it can be hard.  But let me say again that I love love love what I do.

Know what else I love?  Horizon’s organic chocolate milk…

I’m going to go finish the Hunger Games series now.  I really can’t think of much else knowing it’s sitting next to me just waiting to be read.  Nerd alert in full force.


Cupcake Overload!

August 2, 2011

My friend Nicole gave me a HUGE cupcake cake pan for my birthday.  Suh-weet!  Her words – ‘The older you get the bigger the cupcake.’  I couldn’t agree more.

Last night, I hung out with my other friend Nicole (yea, it’s easy to get confused) and we gave this magical cake pan a whirl.  We used the recipe found on the back and BAM….an hour or so later we produced the yummiest hugest cupcake ever.  VICTORY!!

Soooo we brought it to work today because everybody knows bringing sweets to the office automatically makes you class favorite. Mmmmmm…..smurf blue and lookin’ mighty fine.

When I Grow Up…

March 24, 2011

This past Tuesday, Luci Swindoll took Nicole and I out for a marvelous dinner.  Now, anybody that’s met Luci will know an evening with her is more than a person could ask for.  You’re sure to be entertained by her humor and endless stories.  However, not only did we enjoy Luci’s company but Patsy Clairmont and Marilyn Meberg also joined us. 

I think we made dinner a three hour event.  There were moments where I could physically feel my heart growing with joy.  It was a special night and I made sure I did a lot of listening to soak in all of the wisdom that was passed around the table.  

The stories of friendship, hope, laughter, faith, God, loss and memories floated around the table as we ate the most wonderful meal.  A meal that ended with three different desserts being passed around the table to share.  Now that’s my kind of dinner party.

I’m so thankful for these ladies and what they mean to me.  I always say that I can only hope to be half as cool as they are one day.  Love them to the moon and back…..five hundred times.

Nashville, TN

February 7, 2011

I’ll be headed to Nashville, TN tomorrow for a week long work trip.  It certainly is a fun city and some of my most favorite people live there!! My work schedule is going to be pretty hectic but I’m hoping to sneak in a coffee date or two.  Texas, I’ll see you again on Sunday.

{We Heart It}

Up In The Air

January 13, 2011

It’s been a nice break (if you can call it that) but soon I’ll be leaving my cute little home….

{my cozy record nook}

…to return to my life in an airplane. 

{flying flying flying}

In one week, tour season starts back up and we’ll be putting on three different tours AT THE SAME TIME all over the country.  What does this mean for me? I’ll be one busy little lady.  Check out my travel schedule below and prepared to find it a bit cray cray (that’s crazy, in case you were confused.)

Dallas, TX Revolve Tour

Kansas City, MO Revolve Tour
Nashville, TN for a week long work trip
Portland, OR Revolve Tour (YIPPEE)

Portland, OR to see some of my favorite people the first week of March
Lakeland, FL Revolve Tour which includes a visit to the HARRY POTTER THEME PARK

Hartford, CT Revolve Tour and afterwards a train ride to spend a few days in New York City
Houston, TX for my cousin’s wedding
Las Vegas, NV for Women of Faith

Ireland/Scotland for 10 days!!

Whoa….I totally got this. 

{We Heart It}

whoa whoa WHOA!!

December 14, 2010

Seriously, where does the time go? And who is in charge of making the days FLY BY during the holidays? I would prefer more of a snail’s pace to fully soak in the beauty of the season but let’s get real….that isn’t happening. 

{i love Christmas}

I guess I should probably share what’s been keeping me entirely busy the past week.  Hold on…it’s fast and furious and you’ll probably need a nap after reading/viewing/seeing.  Merry merry Christmas-time!!

{i received the most beautiful package from my dear friend, Carli.  she handmade pretty much everything!! check out her beautiful work here.}

{a Christmas lollipop from my secret santa and a shirt i got from the lovely Red Velvet girls}

{my dear friend Hanna won tickets for us to see the grinch! it was fantastic and so is she.}

{a special grinch drink aptly named ‘the green meanie’.}

{the winspear opera house…where we watched the grinch.}

{my pretty new turquoise wall that i’m in love with.}

{many coffee dates….}

{…with good friends like Rand.}

{got a pretty shower curtain in the mail from UO…swoon.  i had the other one for ten years.  the leopard had to go!}

{more coffee.}

{spent a few nights at home listening to my newest records.  currently spinning MGMT.}

{Christmas parties and Christmas lights with some of my favorite people.}

{the battle with my shower curtain…i won.}

{an 80’s themed skating party.

{more pictures of the skate party coming later…they’re pretty special.}

{cookies i made for the nursing home down the street from my apartment.  i will do this more often.  it gave me such joy to deliver them and see how happy they were from something as simple as chocolate chip cookies.  find a way to serve others….it’s one of the truest joys life can offer.}

{craft fair and a mustache….clearly.}

{spent a perfect afternoon at the craft fair with Courtney.  she is good for my heart and my soul.}

{i’m sure i drove Courtney mad snapping pics but i-just-can’t-stop!!}

{all of the shops decorated their store fronts according to their favorite Christmas movie…..adorable.}

{spent another magical evening with the lovely Luci Swindoll and Nicole.  these moments are priceless to me.  i love sitting with Luci and listening to her talk about life and impart wisdom that is worth more than gold.  i wouldn’t trade these times for anything.  she talks about her love for Jesus and how He has worked in her life for 78 years….it’s amazing and i’m thankful for her friendship.}

{warm and cozy christmas decor! i’m keeping mine up until it’s not cold anymore.  oh, i’ll do it.}

Phew…that was fun.  I forget how much I enjoy blogging when I go a few days without it.  Isn’t it strange how we so easily forget the things we enjoy?  I will never fully get life….but I guess we aren’t supposed to, yet.

Oh, I will also say that I’m now COMPLETELY HOOKED on instagram.  It’s much like Twitter but with pictures.  Plus, the community it’s built around is wonderful and addicting and so much fun.  Are you an instagrammer? If so….find me @laura_elizabeth.   

Gotta run! It’s ladies night and that means trouble. *wink*

A Snapshot…

December 8, 2010

….of my life at work.

It’s hard to have a bad day when Luci & Marilyn arrive at your office with clown noses.

Merry Christmas!

The Epic Kitchen Takeover

December 4, 2010

I’ve said this before, but one of the most rewarding parts of my job is the ability to spend time with some of the most fabulous older women on the planet.  I try to be around them as much as I can — to listen to, tell stories with, ask advice, laugh with, get hugs from, etc.  Not only are they wise and joyful and inspire you in your faith but they’re just plain entertaining to be around!

{Nicole, Luci and myself with the pretty flowers we brought her}

Nicole and I offered to cook dinner at Luci Swindoll’s house for her and Mary
.  We referred to it as ‘The Epic Kitchen Takeover’ and yes, it was that indeed.  Mary and Luci had no idea what to expect or what was on the menu.  I think they were just a teensy bit nervous.  Whoops.  Nicole and I (but mostly Nicole, let’s get serious) prepared a yummy multiple course meal (cheese, crackers, grapes, baked salmon with cheese, garlic bread, green beans, rice pilaf, mixed greens salad, and chocolate fondu) and we had a memorable night that went on for hours.  We laughed and told stories and ate a lot of food….boy, did we eat.  I love these ladies very very triple very much. 

{Luci, myself and Mary}

We had the camera out and ready to capture a few moments.  Some of the pictures aren’t that clear but you get the general idea.  It’s easy to see the fun that we had even if the pictures aren’t perfect.  *smile*

{serving up the goodness}

{Luci had decorated the house beautifully and hand made our name cards}

{the silly pictures begin with the fondu pointer thingies}

{don’t worry, it’s organic}

{ow ooooow}


I’m thankful for every moment spent with these ladies.  They make me want to live a fuller life and to seize every opportunity and make it beautiful.  I pray I can be as half as impactful as they’ve been on the world by the time I’m their age.  Incredible. Plus, their love for life and the Lord is contagious.  To say they’re a blessing is an understatement.

Greetings from Hartford

November 19, 2010

Hello there! I’m currently sitting in a downtown Hartford, CT Starbucks enjoying the Christmas blend coffee and listening to a mixture of The Black Keys and S. Carey.  Bliss.  Did I mention it’s **SO COLD** here?  THe “**” were supposed to be snowflakes.  That was to help you understand how cold it is here for a tiny little Texan.  Oh, I love it, don’t you worry.  It gives me an excuse to wear things like:

{me + fingerless gloves + bright colors}

Want to know what I was doing at 7 am ET this morning?  Being interviewed on the FOX News morning show with Andy Andrews.  Blaaaaargh, I’m trying to link up Andy’s name so you could visit his website but it’s not letting me do it.  Maybe later or I could do this –> (Seriously, check him out!) Aaaaanyways, we chatted about Women of Faith and why the event was in town and how awesome it is (and why YOU should go!).  Andy is one of the nicest/most hyperactive guys and a great speaker so I’m glad he was there to steal the show and calm my nerves.  TV freaks me out just a bit…maybe because I don’t watch most of it. 

Blast! It’s 5:27 and I have to be back at work in 3 minutes.  We go until 10:00 tonight so needless to say this is one long day.  Thank goodness it’s fun or I would be a grumpy panda right now.  Adios!! Send some energetic vibes my way because I’m feeling a sleepy moment coming on.

Pumpkins and Such

October 12, 2010

Well it’s been a few days since I’ve blogged and that’s because I’ve been so incredibly busy the past week.  I got back from Portland last night around midnight and came home to an apartment full of good friends.  They were in town for the evening and needed a place to crash so, of course, I welcomed them.

My heart and soul are so full from the beauty I was surrounded by the past week.  I’m still a little sleepy so this post will mainly be pictures from the past week.  Yes, I’m openly being lazy.  Forgive me.

I flew out last Wednesday and the days went by like a whirlwind as I balanced work and play. 

{view from the hotel}

On Thursday, I accompanied Karen James (one of the speakers at the Women of Faith event) to Mt Hood.  My job on the road has me accompanying our speakers and musicians to interviews outside of the conference.  This was a very unique and heartbreaking visit to Mt Hood, where we were met with video cameras and reporters.  You can read the entire Karen James story here. I’m still processing a lot of what happened that weekend but will probably write about it later on this week.  After the visit, I chose the long way back to the hotel.  Basically I got lost on purpose, knowing I would find this…

{iPhone photos of one of my favorite places in Oregon}

It was a much needed drive through beautiful country.  Plus, I hugged and kissed a tree to prove my devotion.  Pretty things capture my heart every time.  The remaining days in Portland were full of being surrounded by friends that I love, worship services that moved my spirit, working for a company that I admire and respect, a huge muddy disaster of a pumpkin patch, award worthy mustaches, hugs, the most amazing food you’ve ever experienced, coffee, lots of laughter, voo doo donuts, a few more hugs, walks through the city, new friends, reunions, a teary goodbye, and much more….

{First Thursday}

{coffee and good conversation}

{Portland Women of Faith…my favorite event to work every year}

{Taylor – we finally met in real life!  He’s a kind soul and a delight to be around.}

{Cha Cha Cha with Justin! My first ever Portland friend and somebody whose friendship and opinion I respect deeply.}

{Fall Party Day at the Wilder’s home and the pumpkin patch}

{Erin (she got cut off! NO!), Liz, Jamie, myself and Shawna at the pumpkin patch}

{fall yummy goodness}

{slay me with this perfection}

{muddy disaster and sadly my boots on the right didn’t survive}

{an entire hayride full of some of my favorite people in the universe}

{Emily Wilder and her perfect pumpkin.  This little lady opened up her home to so many of us (about 25 people!) and cooked for three days straight as she prepared for the fall party.  I asked if I could bring anything to contribute and she said that her and her adorable hubby have a budget for giving to other people so she didn’t want anything in return.  That’s amazing.  Seriously.}

{Josh Wilder – Emily’s man!!}

{Abe and his glorious mustache}

{Parker and Adam’s chin….HA!}


{Erin and Shawna – two gals that mean the world to me}

{Voo Doo Donuts and a sugar high}

{we chose this instead of sleep}

{Best donut choice ever! It’s so pretty!!!} 

This trip was so good for me.  I think the people in these photos (and some that weren’t showed) are some of the most selfless and loving people I’ve ever been around.  I love them deeply and cannot wait to go back.  I’ll admit it…I cried on the way back to Texas.  Not so much because I didn’t want to return home but mainly because I want the community in Dallas that my sweet friends have in Portland.  I just want to be a part of something like that and have no clue how to get there.  Sigh…one day.  Until I figure it out I’ll just dress like a Portlandian…

{the plaid…duh}

Hey Portland, I love you with the deepest parts of my soul and I’m so thankful for the time spent there because it awakens something in me.  I hope everyone has a place like that.  It’s lovely to be a part of.  I’m thankful for their willingness to accept me into their little family, even when I only have a few times a year to be a part of it.