Dinner Party

We celebrated sweet Amy’s 30th birthday last week.  Richard had a few close friends over for a dinner party in her honor.  We ate and listened to music and chatted about life and laughed a lot.  After a few hours this happened…

You just never know what’s going to happen once we get hold of a camera.  We had a fabulous time.  Richard even gave the birthday girl pretty red roses.  Now that’s a good friend to have.

It was a good time indeed.  Especially when I got the chance to kiss Leo Dicaprio.  It happened.  I promise.

I really like my friends.


10 Responses to “Dinner Party”

  1. Laura Wynn Says:

    aw, looks like a blast! Glad you got to kiss Leo 😉 That should happen at all parties!

  2. Kenzie Faith Says:

    This looks soo fun!! I love having good times with friends 🙂

    KF x

  3. Maryam Says:

    Hey lady, just wanted to let you know I’ve awarded you the versatile blogger award 🙂 You can find more details here:

  4. linnykins Says:

    Hello! I’ve stumbled upon your blog and I’ve read a few posts, you’ve got some lovely content going on here. Awesome photos too!

  5. ali formby Says:

    uhm…laura…did i not just profess my life-long crush on leo to you a few days ago?! not sure how i feel about that kiss 😉

  6. Cheray Says:

    What a fun looking night!
    & friends that gift red roses are great friends indeed! 🙂

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